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How valuable is Chinese jade?

How valuable is Chinese jade?

Jade is difficult to understand, and values fluctuate wildly – from $3 to thousands per carat. For years, we were not able to master this multilayered gem with so many uses, definitions and colors.

How do I know if my jade is valuable?

Opaque jadeite or stones with cloudy patches typically have the least value, and semi-transparent jadeite, in which light can penetrate below the surface, is the most highly prized. Interestingly, jadeite with good transparency can be highly valued even when its color is uneven or low in saturation.

Where is the best quality jade from?

Imperial Jade from Burma is the most expensive type of Jade. It is the most expensive because it is the highest quality, the most sought-after color, and remains today the most highly prized source of jadeite around the world.

What is the most sought after jade?

imperial jade

The most valuable jade color is known as “imperial jade” and occurs only in jadeite. Imperial jade is a green balanced between blue and yellow hues.

Which color of jade is most valuable?

Jadeite comes in a wide range of colors. The most valuable is an intense green called Imperial.

How can I tell if jade is real?

A good way to check is to hold the jade in your hand and feel its temperature. It may warm up to the touch of your hand. Set it aside for several seconds and then take it back into your hand. If it is real jade, it would have cooled down very quickly.

How do I tell real jade from fake?

How to Tell Real Jade from Fake – YouTube

What color jade is most expensive?

What color jade is rarest?

Among those, the green and lavender are the most famous hues, while the blue is considered the rarest variety of this jade. There are only a few deposits of gem quality jadeite, such as Myanmar, Japan and Guatemala.

How much does real jade cost?

So, 10 pounds of raw, unfinished jade is only worth about $20. Unless the jade is a highly valuable type, such as imperial jade. Imperial jade is the most expensive jade on the planet and is also the rarest. If you purchase imperial jade, it can sell for around $3000 for a single carat.

Which is more valuable light or dark jade?

For jadeite, the intensity of the green color, combined with a high degree of translucency are the key factors in judging value. Stones which are too dark in color or not so translucent are less highly valued.

Is dark or light jade more valuable?

Generally, if the colors of jades are the same, dark jade is more valuable and more preferable than light-colored jade because dark jade still shows green hues when viewed in transmitted light. However, today colorless transparent jade called ice jade has become very popular among younger consumers.