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How old is singer Kalpana?

How old is singer Kalpana?

42 years (May 8, 1980)Kalpana Raghavendar / Age

How many songs did Kalpana sing?

She started her career as a playback singer at the age of five, and has recorded more than 1,500 tracks and performed in 3,000 shows in India and abroad. Kalpana Raghavendar is an Indian playback singer, dubbing voice-actor, songwriter and actor.

What happened to singer Kalpana daughter?

The singer said her daughter was sexually abused several times over the past eight years when she was staying with her aunt in Chennai. Police have filed charges under several sections of POCSO (Protection of Children from Sexual Offences) Act and have initiated an investigation.

What is the age of mano?

56 years (October 26, 1965)Mano / Age

How old is KS Chithra?

59 years (July 27, 1963)K. S. Chithra / Age

Who is super singer Kalpana?

Kalpana Raghavendar (born 8 May 1980) is an Indian playback singer, winner of Idea Star Singer Malayalam and participant in Bigg Boss Telugu Season 1, songwriter and actor.

Who is Shekinah Shawn?

Shekinah Shawn is an Indian singer who primarily works in the Tamil film industry. She has sung songs for movies such as Etho Seithai Ennai (2012) and Nisabdham (2017).

Who is the daughter of Kalpana?

Sreemayi KumarKalpana / Daughter

Kalpana was born to theater artists Chavara V. P. Nair and Vijayalakshmi. Actors Kalaranjini and Urvashi are her sisters. She married Malayalam film director Anil Kumar in 1998 and got divorced in 2012. They have one daughter, Sreemayi and a son before getting divorced.

Who is Chitra child?

NandanaK. S. Chithra / Children
Chithra is married to Vijayashankar, an engineer and businessman. They had a daughter Nandana, who was born with Down’s syndrome. Her daughter drowned in a pool in Dubai in 2011 when Chithra was about to perform at an A. R. Rahman concert.

Who is the husband of KS Chithra?

Vijay ShankarK. S. Chithra / Husband

Who is Kalpana Patowary husband?

Parvez KhanKalpana Patowary / Husband

Are Kalpana and Urvashi sisters?

Personal life. Kalpana was born to theater artists Chavara V. P. Nair and Vijayalakshmi. Actors Kalaranjini and Urvashi are her sisters.

Who is elder Kalpana and Urvashi?

Though she had hoped to meet and talk to her elder sister, Urvashi was devastated to know that Kalpana had passed away just a day before they had planned to meet. Urvashi, aka Kavitha Ranjini, had called up her mother two days before she was supposed to meet Kalpana.

How did Chitras daughter died?

Playback singer K.S. Chithra’s eight-year-old daughter drowned in a swimming pool in a villa in Dubai on Thursday, sources close to her family here said.

What happened Chitras daughter?

The child was barely 9 years old when she accidentally drowned in a swimming pool. Chithra received the devastating news while she was performing at AR Rahman’s concert in Dubai. The evergreen singer took to Facebook to share an emotional yet powerful message on her death anniversary, April 14, 2011.

Who is Chitra Ma?

She is also known for her extensive history of collaboration with music composers A.R. Rahman, Ilaiyaraja, Hamsalekha, M. M. Keeravani and with the playback singers KJ Yesudas and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam over the years. She is regarded as a cultural icon of South Indian states.

K. S. Chithra

Is KS Chithra vegetarian?

Now, singer K S Chithra has revealed about the food habits of both the singers, while talking in a television programme. ‘I am a person who eats a lot. But, I am a vegetarian also.

Is patowary an Assamese?

It seems Bhojpuri folk songs on migration are witnessing resurgence on an unexpected scale.” Patowary was born in a Yogi-Nath family of Nath samradaya community in Barpeta district in Assam.

What is Malini Awasthi husband?

Awanish Kumar AwasthiMalini Awasthi / Husband
She is married to senior IAS officer Awanish Kumar Awasthi (UP:1987) who currently serves as Principal Secretary to Government of Uttar Pradesh.

Who is Urvashi brother?

Prince NairKamal Roy

Who is Urvashi’s sister?


Why did Manoj and Urvashi divorce?

Jayan was married to National Award-winning actress, Urvashi, in the year 2000. However, their marriage took an ugly turn when Manoj K. Jayan allegedly claimed that Urvashi was a drunkard and divorced her in the year 2008. Even during the court proceedings, Urvashi was reportedly spotted drunk.

What happened to KS Chithra?

Eight-year-old KS Chithra has drowned in an Emirates Hills swimming pool.

Is Chitra a Brahmin?

Chitra/ Swarnalatha/ P. Susheela/ LR Easwari are not Tamil Brahmins. Chitra knows classic music as well. Outstanding singer MS Subbulakshmi is not a Brahmin.

Who is humming Queen of India?

She was also known as the “Nightingale of Tamil cinema” and The Humming Queen and is referred to as Swarangalin Arasi.