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How much is a Jack Vettriano painting worth?

How much is a Jack Vettriano painting worth?

Jack Vettriano’s work has been offered at auction multiple times, with realized prices ranging from 6 USD to 1,345,663 USD, depending on the size and medium of the artwork. Since 2000 the record price for this artist at auction is 1,345,663 USD for THE SINGING BUTLER, sold at Sotheby’s Edinburgh in 2004.

What is Jack Vettriano famous for?

Jack Vettriano is a Scottish artist known for his film noir-style, erotic paintings of men and women. His work employs a pared-down realism reminiscent of Edward Hopper, often featuring smooth brushwork and lonely interior settings where his subjects appear disconnected from their environment and each other.

Why did Jack Vettriano change his name?

As soon as he signed with a gallery, he gave up work, moved to Edinburgh and changed his name to Vettriano – his mother’s maiden name – to distance himself from all the copies he had painted as Jack Hoggan. He painted day and night and was immediately successful.

What is Jack Vettriano real name?

Jack Hoggan

Jack Vettriano
Born Jack Hoggan 17 November 1951 Methil, Fife, Scotland
Nationality Scottish
Education Self-taught
Known for Painting

How much is the Singing Butler worth?

The Singing Butler, the Jack Vettriano painting – arguably Britain’s most popular art image but loathed by critics – last night entered the financial territory occupied by the world’s great contemporary artists when it sold at auction for £744,800.

Where is the original Singing Butler?

One of the most famous paintings by Fife artist Jack Vettriano has gone on public display for the first time in two decades. The Singing Butler can be viewed at Aberdeen Art Gallery.

What age is Jack Vettriano?

70 years (November 17, 1951)Jack Vettriano / Age

Who paints like Vettriano?

Jack Vettriano works in a unique and distinct style, a neo realistic style, in the sense that he is painting people in believable settings. Other outstanding artists working in a similar figurative genre are, Brent Lynch, Fabian Perez, Peregrine Heathcote, Hamish Blakely and John Meyer just to name a few.

How much did The Singing Butler sell for?

The original canvas of The Singing Butler sold at auction in 2004 for £744,500.

How much did The Singing Butler make?

When did Jack Vettriano change his name?


He changed his name from Hoggan in 1987, and took his mother’s maiden name, Vettriano. He submitted two paintings (below) to a show at the Royal Scottish Academy’s annual show in 1989 and sold both, effectively launching his career.

Who painted the butler on the beach?

artist Jack Vettriano
The Singing Butler is an oil-on-canvas painting made by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992.

Why is the painting called The Singing Butler?

Vettriano says he made The Singing Butler simply because early on in his career a woman remarked that he was “good at painting beaches,” and because “people in love usually go to the beach.” (If *Butler’*s beach represents a real place, it would probably be the rather gritty shore of Leven, Scotland, which Vettriano …

Who is the artist of The Singing Butler?

Jack VettrianoThe Singing Butler / Artist
The Singing Butler is an oil-on-canvas painting made by Scottish artist Jack Vettriano in 1992. It sold at auction in 2004 for £744,800, which was the record at the time for any Scottish painting, and for any painting ever sold in Scotland.