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How many miles will a 2005 Porsche Boxster last?

How many miles will a 2005 Porsche Boxster last?

A Porsche Boxster will last about 200,000 miles on average if it’s properly maintained although they can last must longer, some have even lasted over 300,000 miles. If you drive 15,000 miles a year, you can get 13 years of reliable service out of it before the frequency of repairs becomes too expensive and impractical.

How reliable are old Porsche Boxster S?

Are Porsche Boxsters Reliable? The Porsche Boxster usually needs frequent major and unexpected repairs, according to RepairPal. It has a 2.5 out of 5.0 reliability rating, ranking 12th out of 15 cars in the same category. However, the Boxster is consistent in terms of performance, handling, and ride comfort.

Are Porsche Boxster S good cars?

Is the Porsche Boxster a Good Car? Yes, the Porsche 718 Boxster is a great luxury sports car. For driving appeal, this roadster is one of the best cars in the class, thanks to its punchy engines, scorching acceleration, and athletic handling. Its interior falls more in the “fine” category.

What year is the most reliable Porsche Boxster?

When the Porsche Boxster came out in 1996, it had some problems through the next few years as all new vehicles experience. Then after a couple of redesigns, Porsche would find their sweet spot in 2012, which is the best year for the Porsche Boxster.

Are Porsche Boxster S expensive to maintain?

Overall, the cost of maintenance each year for a Porsche Boxster is going to vary wildly depending on how you use your car. What is this? The more you use your car, the more often you’ll have to pay for maintenance. On average, though, you’re likely looking at an annual expense of about $1,000.

What years did Porsche have engine problems?

Most Prominent Porsche Engine Failure Point

The IMS bearing failure is commonplace on the M96 and M97 flat six-cylinder engines found in 911s, Boxsters, and Caymans, spanning from 1997 to 2008. However, the most prominent IMS bearing failures occurred up to 2006 in the 996 era Porshe 911s and the 986 Boxsters.

What year Boxsters have IMS issues?

The Porsche 911 and Porsche Boxster from model year 1997 to 2005 have a high failure rate of the intermediate shaft bearing also known as an IMS bearing. Its design and construction lead to premature failure of the bearing, which results in catastrophic engine failure.

Are Boxster S going up in value?

It’s a great first Porsche and it’s likely to continue rising in value over the coming years. It’s not too demanding on maintenance, and is fun to own and drive. Sure, some Porsche fans will downplay the importance of the 986, but don’t be fooled.

What year Boxster S have IMS issues?

Is insurance high on a Porsche Boxster?

The average cost to insure a Porsche 718 Boxster is $3,024 per year, or $252 per month, for a 30-year-old man. Insurance rates are slightly cheaper for a 45-year-old — with an average of $2,801 per year. Boxster insurance costs are slightly cheaper than average for a Porsche at $242 per month.

What year Boxster has IMS problems?

All Porsche Boxster, Cayman, and 911 vehicles from 1997 through 2008 with the M96 or M97 engine have an IMS (intermediate shaft) that is supported by a sealed ball bearing.

Does a 2005 Porsche Boxster have an IMS bearing?

Which Boxster S have IMS issues?

Which Porsche models can IMS bearing failure occur on? Boxsters, Caymans and 911s from MY1997 to MY2008 are all at risk of IMS bearing failure, with the exception of Turbo, GT2 and GT3 models. However, the type of bearings used changed over the period and some were more prone to failure than others.

What is a Porsche Boxster S average mileage?

22 combined
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How much does it cost to replace IMS bearing?

The cost of a IMS Retrofit replacement bearing and labour for installation is usually more than $4,000 but can be done in conjunction with the clutch. This is a small investment compared to the cost of rebuilding or replacing the entire engine.

What is considered a high mileage Porsche?

Most Porsche vehicles will last you up to the 150,000-mile marker and beyond. As always with any vehicle the average life of the car depends massively on factors like driving habits and service history. Porsche is a brand known for its longevity and these vehicles stay in good conditions for years after purchase.

Which Boxsters have IMS issues?

What year did Porsche fix the IMS problem?

Porsche came out with their own IMS bearing replacement in 2017 using a sealed ceramic hybrid ball bearing like the IMS Retrofit, which was almost a decade after LN Engineering released the IMS Retrofit in 2008.

How many miles is too many for a used Porsche?

Porsche 911 engine mileage can be rated at 100,000 miles and 10 years. Like any vehicle, Porsche 911s last longer with proper and routine maintenance and care. Most Porsche vehicles will last you up to the 150,000-mile marker and beyond.

How many miles should a used Porsche have?

With proper maintenance and care, most Porsche vehicles can cross the 150,000-mile mark.

What year did Porsche fix IMS problem?

What year Boxster does not have IMS problems?

Boxster, Cayman, and 911 vehicles from model year 2006 through 2008 have a non-serviceable IMS bearing which should have the grease seal removed to allow the engine oil to properly lubricate the bearing.

Are Porsche reliable after 100k miles?

Can you use a Porsche as a daily driver?

Space is probably one of the biggest reasons people think the 911 can’t be a daily driver. This is a valid concern but for most people, there is enough space for everyday driving. The Porsche 911 is a four-seater, but most 911 drivers agree that the rear seats are best suited for your coat or bag.

What is the most fun Porsche to drive?

With the option of a manual transmission and an open-top experience, the 718 Spyder qualifies as the most fun Porsche ever.