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How many employees does the Illinois Department of Corrections have?

How many employees does the Illinois Department of Corrections have?

11,913 employees

The Prison System
As of December 31, 2017, the number of prisoners under the jurisdiction of State of Illinois correctional authorities was 41,427 located in 28 state prisons and held in the custody of private prisons. The Illinois Department of Correction had a staff of 11,913 employees and budget of $1.275 billion.

How much money does a correctional officer make in Illinois?

The starting annual salary for a Correctional Officer Trainee (as of 06/01/11) is $42,432. During the three-month appointment as a trainee all Correctional Officer Trainees are required to attend six weeks at the Corrections Training Academy.

Who is the director of the Illinois Department of Corrections?

Rob Jeffreys
Rob Jeffreys | Director
Rob Jeffreys serves as Director of the Illinois Department of Corrections. Jeffreys is a nationally-recognized criminal justice expert with correctional experience spanning more than two decades.

Do correctional officers carry guns in Illinois?

Permits currently employed and qualified retired State correctional officers and county correctional officers to carry their own firearms off-duty without being in violation of the unlawful use of weapons and aggravated unlawful use of a weapon statutes if they meet certain training requirements.

How long does it take to become a correctional officer in Illinois?

Upon successful completion of a three-month trainee period and a four-and-a-half-month probationary period, Correctional Officer Trainees are certified as Correctional Officers (CO). At that time, a CO’s salary increases to $54,240 per year.

How many jails and prisons are in Illinois?

The Jail System
Illinois has 92 jails in 102 counties.

How much is top pay for correctional officer?

Correctional Officer

During Academy $4,099 /month
After Academy $5,043 /month
Top of Pay Scale $8,422 /month

Where do correctional officers get paid the most?

Hawaii has the highest correction officer salary of $59,246.

Here’s a quick snapshot of the top ten states for correction officer salaries:

  • Hawaii (Jobs)
  • New York (Jobs)
  • Washington (Jobs)
  • Connecticut (Jobs)
  • California (Jobs)
  • Nevada (Jobs)
  • New Jersey (Jobs)
  • Oregon (Jobs)

What are the maximum prisons in Illinois?

Maximum Security

  • Illinois River Max.
  • Menard Correctional Center.
  • Menard R&C.
  • Northern R&C.
  • Pontiac Mental Health.
  • Pontiac Correctional Center.
  • Stateville Correctional Center.

Who is the transfer coordinator for Illinois Department of Corrections?

Doug Blount-Stephens –
Doug Blount-Stephens – Transfer Coordinator – Illinois Department of Corrections | LinkedIn.

Do correctional officers need a concealed carry permit Illinois?

Provides that currently employed and qualified retired State correctional officers and county correctional officers shall carry a photographic identification and a valid annual firearm certificate while carrying their own firearms off-duty.

Are Cook County correctional officers law enforcement?

Or, that you officially recognize and affirm that Cook County Department of Corrections deputies are law enforcement officers.

What state pays the most for correctional officers?

Geographic profile for this occupation:

State Employment (1) Annual mean wage (2)
Texas 47,160 $42,470
California 36,090 $78,510
New York 35,420 $66,000
Florida 33,040 $43,010

How much does it cost to house an inmate per day in Illinois?

The facilities’ goal is to reduce recidivism and thereby lower the prison population further. While the re-entry program is expensive, at a cost of $181 per inmate per day compared to $72 per inmate per day at other Illinois prisons, it is less expensive in the long-run than the cost of recidivism.

Who are the highest paid correctional officers?

Highest-Paid Correction Officers By State

Rank State Average Correction Officer Salary
1 Hawaii $59,246
2 New York $52,522
3 Washington $51,191
4 Connecticut $50,721

What is the best state to be a Correctional Officer?

Detailed List Of The Best States For correction officers

Rank State # Of People
1 Illinois 14,050
2 Pennsylvania 16,850
3 Nevada 2,680
4 New Jersey 11,240

How much is top pay for Correctional Officer?

What is the highest salary for a Correctional Officer?

Corrections Officer Salary
Officers in the lowest ten percent of this profession earned up to $27,000, while those in the top ten percent earned salaries of $69,610 on average. Some 26,000 correctional officer jobs are expected to become available in the current decade ending 2020.

Does Illinois have a Supermax?

Despite CEML’s resistance, the State of Illinois led by Governor Jim Edgar has proudly built its own Super Max prison in Tamms, Illinois, known as “Tamms C-Max.” The institution was opened on March 8, 1998 and before the DOC has even filled all 500 cells, there are already reports of atrocities stemming from extreme …

Does Illinois have private prisons?

In 1990 Illinois enacted a ban on private prisons which remains in place in 2012, declaring that “the management and operation of a correctional facility or institution involves functions that are inherently governmental.”

How do inmates get home after being released from jail?

Call family or get a cab. There is no bus or public transportation that specifically visits the jail to do transport services. If you have a good bail bonds company you can also call them to come pick you up.

What is work release in Illinois?


Can Leosa carry on planes?

Individuals carrying under LEOSA/HR 218 are carrying under FEDERAL Law and so must follow federal laws and federal agency policies that restrict the carrying of concealed firearms in certain federal buildings and lands (including buildings in national parks) and on airplanes.

How long is Cook County Corrections Academy?

To attend the Cook County Sheriff’s Police Academy, a person must be hired as a full time Police Officer and/or sponsored by a Law Enforcement Agency. The program is designed for 16 weeks of training.

How old do you have to be to be a Cook County Sheriff?

Job Requirements. Age: As of the date of application, candidates must have reached their 19th birthday.