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How do you get out of Bullworth Academy?

How do you get out of Bullworth Academy?

On the Xbox 360 and Windows version of Bully: Scholarship Edition, it is possible to escape Bullworth Academy during Chapter 1. The player needs to go to the bin near the girls’ dorm hop in it and face the wall.

How do you break the walls in bully the tenements?

After winning the fight, Jimmy can pick up the hammer Norton drops. He can then smash the wall on the second floor to get Lola’s keys, and a wall on the ground floor to get her perfume. With all five items collected, he can leave the tenements.

How do you get to the school basement in Bully?

The school basement has two entrances and one exit, one being a door labeled boiler room next to the school store, the other being an exterior entrance next to the School Parking Lot. These two ways become available after the mission Help Gary is completed.

Where is the transistor in Bully?

Transistor Locations and Rewards

Transistor Location Reward
Transistor 1 Roof of the AutoShop Uppercut
Transistor 2 In the school basement Leg sweep
Transistor 3 An alley in Bullworth Town, by the Mexican Restaurant Thrust kick
Transistor 4 On top of the dam in Old Bullworth Vale 5 punch combo

What happened to Gary after Bully?

Gary. After deep consideration from his parents, he is admitted into Happy Volts Asylum, where he undergoes 3 hour therapy sessions a day, and is forced to take his medication.

Is Bullworth Academy a real school?

Bullworth Academy is an Independent Boarding School Located in the City of Bullworth in New Hampshire.

How many chapters are in Bully?

Chapter 6, titled Endless Summer is the final chapter of Bully.

How do you get Lola items in Bully?

When Norton’s defeated, grab the Sledge and head to the second floor. Break through the wall of the bathroom to pick up Lola’s Keys and then bust into the other room on the first floor for Lola’s Purfume. That’s everything.

What happens if you collect all rubber bands in Bully?

Collecting the 75 Rubber Bands scattered throughout the game world will unlock an additional weapon for Jimmy’s inventory: the Rubber Band Ball. When you pass Geography class #2 in Scholarship Edition, you unlock all the locations on your map.

How do you hit a broom with slingshot in Bully?

Bully – Mission #13 Help Gary – YouTube

Does Bully have cheat codes?

You can enter cheats at any time while playing, but the controller must be plugged into the second port for the cheats to work properly. Hold L1, then press up, left, down, down, triangle, square, X, X. Hold L1, then press up, left, down, right, triangle, square, X, circle.

Where did the hobo go in Bully?

The Hobo is a veteran of the Korean War. While in Korea he saw combat regularly, and lost most of his platoon in a friendly fire incident. It’s unknown how he first came to Bullworth Academy, but he currently lives in a fenced in yard behind a broken down school bus on the school grounds.

How old is Jimmy at the end of Bully?


Jimmy Hopkins
Born 12th of January, 1991
Died N/A
Age 15 (as of the events of Bully, Fall 2006 to Summer 2007) now 31
Status Alive

How did Gary betray Jimmy?

Gary first convinces the Preppies to turn against Jimmy by claiming that Jimmy insulted Tad and his family for alleged inbreeding in The Eggs. He appears again in Chapter 3, helping Johnny and his gang in Wrong Part of Town before disappearing into the background.

How old is Jimmy Hopkins?

Is Bully 2 Confirmed?

Bully 2 is still considered a work-in-progress for many fans worldwide despite the confirmation of Grand Theft Auto 6 development by Rockstar. Bully has initially launched years ago, in October 2006, for the PlayStation 2.

Is Bully a long game?

When focusing on the main objectives, Bully is about 15 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 30½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Do you have to do the nerd challenge in Bully?

You dont have to do the nerd challenge to progress in the story.

How do you knock walls in Bully?

You can use the sledge hammer to knock down the walls if you defeat the enemy at the top level.

What do you get for collecting all cards in Bully?

Collecting them all earns Jimmy the Grotto Master Outfit.

Does bully have cheat codes?

What happens when you collect all rubber bands in Bully?

How do you get the Volcano 4000 in Bully?

The Volcano 4000 is used primarily in the Halloween mission in Chapter 1 as one of the pranks the player must complete but can be stolen from lockers on occasion. Sometimes a Bully, Greaser or Nerd can be seen running across campus holding one, and Jimmy can take it if he catches the student before he plants it.

What happens when you get all 75 rubber bands in Bully?

Can you drive a car in Bully?

The go-kart is the fastest drivable vehicle in the game, and can outrun any authority figure chasing Jimmy even on motorbikes (but only if traveling in a straight line) and can knock out a nerd in four hits. The go-kart will appear in any colour that is randomly picked by the computer at the garage.