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How do you drop a table in vertica?

How do you drop a table in vertica?

The table to drop. Specifies to drop all projections of the target tables. CASCADE is optional if the target tables have only auto-projections. If you omit this option and any of the tables has non-superprojections, Vertica returns an error and rolls back the entire drop operation.

How to DROP columns in Vertica?

Using CASCADE to Force a Drop

If the table column to drop has dependencies, you must qualify the DROP COLUMN clause with the CASCADE option. For example, the target column might be specified in a projection sort order. In this and other cases, DROP COLUMN…

How do I delete a row in vertica?

The following command removes all rows from temporary table temp1 : => DELETE FROM temp1; The following command deletes all records from anchor table T where C1 = C2 – C1 .

How do you make a table in vertica?

Version 9.2.x Documentation


Can we drop multiple table at a time?

Multiple tables can be dropped in any database. If a table being dropped references the primary key of another table that is also being dropped, the referencing table with the foreign key must be listed before the table holding the primary key that is being referenced.

Is DROP TABLE faster than truncate?

What is TRUNCATE? In SQL, the TRUNCATE command is used to remove all the rows from the table. However, the structure of the table and columns remains the same. It is faster than the DROP command.

How can a column be dropped from table structure?

SQL – Delete Columns from a Table. The ALTER command is a DDL command to modify the structure of existing tables in the database by adding, modifying, renaming, or dropping columns and constraints. Use the DROP keyword to delete one or more columns from a table.

What is column drop?

The DROP COLUMN command is used to delete a column in an existing table.

How do you use select count?

Here is the basic syntax: SELECT COUNT(column_name) FROM table_name; The SELECT statement in SQL tells the computer to get data from the table. COUNT(column_name) will not include NULL values as part of the count.

Which delete option is efficient and safe for record deletion?

TRUNCATE. TRUNCATE is a statement that will essentially remove all records from the table, just as if you had used DELETE without a WHERE clause. This means TRUNCATE will remove all records in your table, but its structure will remain intact.

Why is Vertica faster?

Vertica features a library of many compression algorithms, which it applies automatically based on data type. Typically, the data in Vertica occupies up to 90% less disk space than the data loaded into it. This not only lowers storage costs, but also speeds up querying by further reducing disk I/O.

Is Vertica Big Data?

Vertica is a massive parallel processing or MPP data warehouse platform designed to work with big data. The platform can handle large datasets that may not be suitable for other databases because of their size.

How do I drop multiple tables at once?

To drop multiple tables in phpMyAdmin select the page which shows all the tables for a database. Tick the boxes for the tables you want to delete, and select “Drop” from the “With selected:” drop down box. This is shown in the screenshot below where all three tables have been checked: categories, orders and products.

Is DROP TABLE faster than delete?

The DROP Command has faster performance than DELETE Command but not as compared to the Truncate Command because the DROP command deletes the table from the database after deleting the rows.

Does dropping a table DROP all indexes?

Dropping a table removes the table definition from the data dictionary. All rows of the table are no longer accessible. All indexes and triggers associated with a table are dropped.

Does DROP TABLE DROP sequence?

Notes. DROP SEQUENCE only removes sequences, not tables. However, DROP TABLE can remove both sequences and tables.

What happens to sequence when table is dropped?

All extents allocated for a table that is dropped are returned to the free space of the tablespace and can be used by any other object requiring new extents or new objects. All rows corresponding to a clustered table are deleted from the blocks of the cluster.

How do you collapse columns?

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  1. Open your spreadsheet.
  2. Select the columns.
  3. Click the Data tab.
  4. Click Group.
  5. Select Columns and click OK.
  6. Click – to collapse.
  7. Click + to uncollapse.

Can we drop all columns from a table?

You can’t delete a column that has PRIMARY KEY or FOREIGN KEY constraints or other dependencies except when using the Table Designer in SSMS. When using Object Explorer or Transact-SQL, you must first remove all dependencies on the column.

How do I drop an entire column?

Which is faster count (*) or count column?

So, is there any difference? The simple answer is no – there is no difference at all. The COUNT(*) function counts the total rows in the table, including the NULL values.

Which is better count (*) or count 1?

There is no difference. “1” is a non-null expression: so it’s the same as COUNT(*) .

Which is faster delete or drop?

It’s faster than DELETE . To remove an entire table, including its structure and data, use DROP TABLE .

Is TRUNCATE faster than delete?

Delete command logs entry for each deleted row in the transaction log. The truncate command does not log entries for each deleted row in the transaction log. Delete command is slower than the Truncate command. It is faster than the delete command.

Is Vertica OLTP or OLAP?

The Vertica Analytics Platform is an OLAP (online analytical processing) data warehouse management system, which is optimized for high-speed ingestion and analytics for large-volume datasets.