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How do you date a Cry Baby wah pedal?

How do you date a Cry Baby wah pedal?

As Thomas commenced production in 1957, adding 57 to the first two digits of the serial number should give you the year of production. The serial number of the Crybaby above is 2065621. Adding 57 the first two digits of the serial (20) makes 77. This Crybaby was produced by Thomas Organ in 1977.

What does a Dunlop Crybaby do?

When placing the pedal in one position, you will hear a boost in that particular frequency. This boost can be used to add sustain and create feedback of a desired overtone. TIPS Listen to the classic recordings of Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton where the CRYBABY ® is used extensively.

How many mA does a Cry Baby wah use?

0,43 mA
With a heavy-duty die-cast housing and a Hot Potz Potentiometer tested to one million cycles, the Cry Baby Wah will withstand years of playing.


Bypass Buffered bypass
Power consumption 9V DC center negative (power supply sold separately) 0,43 mA
Dimensions H: 7,5 cm W: 10 cm D: 25,5 cm
Weight 1545 g

What Wah does Geezer Butler use?

The Geezer Butler Cry Baby Bass Wah is specially designed to complement Geezer’s iconic sound—massive low end power with a midrange that cuts through the mix.

What year is my Cry Baby Wah?

The name Cry Baby was from the original pedal from which it was copied, the Thomas Organ/Vox Cry Baby wah-wah, first manufactured in 1966.
Dunlop Cry Baby.

Cry Baby
Effects type Wah-wah
Hardware Analog

Where are crybaby wah pedals made?

While the first Cry Baby pedals were built in Sepulveda, California, the second run was built in Italy. However, the bulk of Thomas Organ wahs were manufactured in one of two places: Sepulveda (for the second time) and Chicago, Illinois.

What wah did Jimi Hendrix use?

VOX wahs

Hendrix used VOX wahs and the Vox V847A is a popular option as shown above to the right. It’s a simple wah at a good price so if you’re simply looking for a basic and affordable option, the VOX is a safe choice.

Who used a Cry Baby wah?

It can provide a volume boost of up to 16 decibels. JH1D Jimi Hendrix Cry Baby Wah – Reproduces Hendrix’s wah tone as heard on classics such as Voodoo Child (Slight Return).

Can I use 500mA instead of 100mA?

For example, putting a 500mA pedal on a 100mA power tap would cause it to act erratically and probably shut down — it might even damage the pedal. Conversely, sending more milliamps than needed to a pedal is fine. Putting a pedal that draws 20mA on that same 100mA tap is no problem.

Is 100mA enough for guitar pedals?

Remember that the power supply you use should provide at least the same amount of current as the pedal draws. So if your pedal has 100mA as the current draw, your power supply must provide at least 100mA. It’s perfectly fine if your power supply has a higher current written on it.

What Bass did Black Sabbath use?

He is best known as the bassist and primary lyricist of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath.

Geezer Butler
Instrument(s) Bass guitar
Years active 1967–present
Labels Sanctuary TVT
Formerly of Black Sabbath Ozzy Osbourne GZR Geezer Butler Band Heaven & Hell Deadland Ritual

What bass amp did Black Sabbath use?

Ampeg SVT Original 1969
Geezer reportedly began using the old original Ampeg SVT amp for his solo work during the 1990s. This is the old model from 1969, which has somewhat of a “legendary” status among bass players. Aside from his solo works, the amp found its way on “13,” Black Sabbath’s final album.

Where is the Dunlop Crybaby made?

Dunlop Original Crybaby Wah Made in USA.

When did Dunlop buy Cry Baby?

Not wanting to waste a golden opportunity, Dunlop bought the “Cry Baby” brand from Thomas Organ in 1981, a bold move that forever changed the trajectory of the Dunlop company, not to mention the entire music business as well.

Who invented the Crybaby wah pedal?

Brad Plunkett invents the wah-wah pedal.

What wah pedal did Stevie Ray Vaughan use?

Vox V846
Vaughan’s wah pedal of choice was a Vox V846 from the Sixties that originally belonged to Jimi Hendrix.

What pedal did Kurt Cobain use?

Kurt Cobain used a Randall solid-state head and 4×12 cab at the time, but for the album, Kurt used Endino’s Fender Twin Reverb, and the only pedal he used was a Boss DS-1 Distortion.

What wah pedal does Kirk Hammett use?

Kirk has been using Dunlop wah’s for his entire career. The wah sound is so associated with him that he eventually got his own signature wah pedal, the Dunlop KH95 Kirk Hammett Wah. It’s inspired by the classic Dunlop Cry Baby Wah, but has some cool graphics to make it unique.

What wah pedal does Tom Morello use?

Tom Morello mainly uses the Dunlop CryBaby for most of his wah duties. In recent years he released a Signature CryBaby Wah with Dunlop, the TBM95, a bright red wah which features the slogan “Sometimes history needs a push” along the side in white lettering.

How much mA does my pedal need?

Modern digital pedals – like Strymon- or Source Audio-effects – generally need between 200 and 300 mA. Eventide-effects tend to be quite power-hungry, needing currents between 400 and 500 mA.

How did Tommy Iommi lose his fingertips?

Factory accident. At the age of 17, Iommi lost the tips of the middle and ring fingers of his right hand (his fret-board hand, since he is left-handed) in an industrial accident on his last day of work in a sheet metal factory. Iommi described how he “was told ‘you’ll never play again’. It was just unbelievable.

Is Bill Ward rich?

What is Bill Ward’s Net Worth? Bill Ward is an English musician and visual artist who has a net worth of $65 million.

What Laney amp did Tony Iommi use?

Since that time, Tony has been using six 4×12 Laney cabinets which are fed by four 100-watt amps. They are channelled by plugging V-cords into the “normal” outputs (they have “treble” and “normal” sockets) of the four heads.

What bass amp did Geezer Butler?

It was an industrial sound, created by two music icons, Tony Iommi on guitar and Geezer Butler on bass. Both players used the same amp at the time, a Laney LA100BL head, so-called because ‘LA’ (Laney) ‘100’ (100 watts) and ‘BL’ (Bass or Lead).

Who invented the Cry Baby wah pedal?