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How do you beat Zu in Pharos Sirius?

How do you beat Zu in Pharos Sirius?

Zu’s basic attack is a frontal AoE, so the tank needs to pick a spot and stand there. Be careful of using AoE attacks on Zu if the tank doesn’t tank in the middle. When Zu goes up in the air, it will target the person with the highest aggro. At this point it will do three aoe blasts centered on the target.

What happened to Pharos Sirius?

For a time, Pharos Sirius served seafarers faithfully, the radiance of its aether-fueled lantern piercing the blackest night. Alas, its light was prematurely extinguished by the Calamity, the destruction wrought by Bahamut leaving vast parts of the structure in ruin.

How do you unlock Pharos Sirius?

Pharos Sirius is unlocked through the following side quest. This quest will appear after reaching level 50 and completing the Main Scenario Quest ‘The Ultimate Weapon’.

Can unlock Pharos Sirius hard?

You can unlock the dungeon Pharos Sirius (Hard) by accepting the quest “Things Are Getting Sirius” from Trachraet in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.7, Y:12.8).

How do you get Aetherial mimicry?

Acquisition Tips. Ghrah Luminary will summon a monster called “Corruption”. Killing the corruption is enough to obtain Aetheric Mimicry.

How do you unlock Hullbreaker Isle?

Hullbreaker Isle (Hard) is unlocked through the following quest. This quest will only appear after completing the Main Scenario Quest ‘Heavensward’, and the side quest ‘King of the Hull’, which involves clearing the normal version of Hullbreaker Isle.

How do you unlock Cutter’s Cry?

It is located in Central Thanalan and is unlocked by talking to Sibold in the Merchant Strip of Ul’dah in the Steps of Thal from level 35 (cannot enter until level 38). Players level 41 and above will be synced to level 40 for the duration of the dungeon.

How do you unlock King of the hull?


  1. Speak with Denston in Limsa Lominsa.
  2. Speak with Denston at the Moraby Drydocks.
  3. Obtain Mistbeard’s coffer in Hullbreaker Isle.
  4. Deliver Mistbeard’s coffer to Denston in Limsa Lominsa.

How do you unlock Hullbreaker Isle hard?

Quick Step-by-Step Unlock Guide

  1. Complete the level 50 side quest “King of the Hull”
  2. Complete the level 60 Main Scenario Quest “Heavensward”
  3. Travel to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:11.0, Y:10.4)
  4. Speak with Denston to accept the quest “Storming the Hull”
  5. Travel to the Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea.

Can you learn Blue Mage spells while dead?

You cannot learn a spell if you are dead when the mob that cast it dies! This is something that comes up frequently while trying to learn spells in instanced content. Do not end the fight dead!

How many Blue Mage spells are there?

Though the Blue Mage has 49 spells to learn, only 24 of them can be used at once. You can also have up to five Action Sets of 24 spells, giving you some flexibility in what abilities you bring with you into combat.

How do I unlock Tam Tara in Deepcroft?

The dungeon can be unlocked at level 16, and players are synced to level 18 at maximum. It is unlocked by the main storyline quest Fire in the Gloom, and is in the Black Shroud zone near Gridania.

How do you unlock Neverreap?

Neverreap is unlocked through the following side quest. To accept this quest, you must first reach level 60 and complete the Main Scenario Quest ‘Heavensward’.

How do you unlock Aurum Vale?


  1. By speaking to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay, Western Thanalan (x12,y14), to start the quest Going for Gold to unlock the dungeon.
  2. Obtain the rank of Chief Sergeant in your Grand Company, then speak to the commander of your Grand Company to start the quest Gilding the Bilious.

How do I open Halatali?

Unlike other Dungeons in the game, Halatali is not associated with the main quest. Instead, it is unlocked by talking to Nedrick Ironheart in Vesper Bay in Western Thanalan at X12-Y14. Players level 24 and above will be synced to level 23 during the dungeon.

Is king of the hill over?

The show became one of Fox’s longest-running series. A total of 259 episodes aired over the course of its 13 seasons. The final episode aired on Fox on September 13, 2009.

How do you play king of the hill?

How to play King of the Hill Chess (KOTH) – YouTube

How do I get the Mistbeard coffer?

Following a briny encounter with a tentacled seabeast, you come into possession of Mistbeard’s coffer. Take your prize back to the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa and present it to Denston. No sooner do you deliver the coffer to Denston than Eynzahr appears.

Can you do dungeon on free trial Ffxiv?

There are currently 50 Dungeons available in the FFXIV Free Trial. A Dungeon is a large instanced duty filled with enemies and bosses. These require groups to participate in and parties typically consist of 4 players: A Tank, Healer and 2 DPS.

Will Blue Mage ever not be limited?

It is not a limited time job. It is 100% a permanent job and will always be available. “Limited” here refers to other things: Limited to a lower level cap (currently 60, raised to 70 in 5.4) than other jobs (current cap Level 80)

Is Blue Mage still limited?

Limited Job

Blue mage functions independently of other classes and jobs, starting at level 1 with a maximum level of 70. * It is not possible to change to blue mage after entering the instance.

Why is blue mage a limited job?

It’s given the “limited Job” moniker because it comes with several restrictions. You can’t progress through the main story quests or queue into a Duty as you normally would, among other things. However, Blue Mage is given its own questline, instanced challenges, and Duty list to clear alongside other Blue Mages.

Where can I learn 1000 needles?

Answer: To learn 1000 Needles, you’ll want to head to Southern Thanalan (20, 10) in FFXIV and seek out Sabotender Bailaor, or Flowering Sabotender. Wait for either of these enemy types to perform the spell and then defeat them in battle.

Where can I buy Tam Tara hard?

FFXIV ARR: Tam-Tara Hard Mode Dungeon Guide – YouTube

How do you unlock Kugane Ohashi?

Quick Step-by-Step Unlocking Guide

  1. Complete the Main Scenario Quest “Stormblood”
  2. Complete the “Hildibrand Quests” storyline from A Realm Reborn.
  3. Complete the “Further Hildibrand Quests” storyline from Heavensward.
  4. Travel to Kugane and speak with the Conspicuously Inconspicuous Man at (X:10.6, Y:9.8)