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How do I get rid of the extra blank page in SSRS?

How do I get rid of the extra blank page in SSRS?

Choose File > Report Designer. Select the report to open it in the design grid. To delete a page break, select the column to the right of the page break and choose Insert > Remove Page break — or use one of the following methods to resize a column in the Report Designer.

How do I display a PDF in SSRS report?

But you could try to embed the PDF in the report as Images:

  1. To Embed the PDF inside SSRS report you need to first embed PDF in database as the image data and show them on SSRS report.
  2. Use the .
  3. Use the image control to show these images, which are your PDF document embedded in database.

How do I fit an SSRS report on one page PDF?

SSRS : How to fit PDF export on one page in reporting services avoid column splitting to multiple pages

  1. Go to Report Properties ->Interactive Size.
  2. Make sure width and Height is more than the report Body width and height size.
  3. change the report Properties-> Margins to .5 in.

How do I get rid of blank pages in Rdlc report PDF?

Just decrease the size of your RDLC report page, it will not add additional page in PDF.

Where is ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace in SSRS?

Click Outside the Report1. rdlc and PRESS F4 it will open Properties. there you will find the ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace property.

How do you delete a blank page in Crystal Reports?


  1. In Design view, right-click the object and select Format.<…>. For example: Format Subreport, Format Text Object, Format Graphic.
  2. In the Format Editor dialog box, click the Common tab.
  3. Unselect the Keep Object Together check box. Upon previewing the report, the blank page in the Report Header will be removed.

How do I view SQL query in SSRS report in Visual Studio?

To view the SQL statement for a report

In the Monitoring workspace, expand Reporting, and then select Reports. Select the report for which you want to view the SQL statement and then, in the Home tab, in the Report Group group, select Edit. The Report Builder window opens.

How do I change page size in SSRS report?

To change paper size
Right-click outside of the report body and click Report Properties. In Page Setup, select a value from the Paper Size list. Each option populates the Width and Height properties.

How do I set Ssrs to A4 size?

Find the property Page Size, expand it and enter the Width and Height. So to change the page from A4 portrait to A4 landscape you set the width to 11in and height to 8.5in. Once set-up here the print option on the report by default prints it to A4, A3 Portrait or Landscape.

How do you get rid of the last blank page in Rdlc?

You need to make sure your RDLC Report have :

  1. ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace = true (open by click F4)
  2. Report Body Size <= Page Size+margin Size. (open by Ctrl + Alt + D)

What is ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace?

Gets or sets a value that indicates whether all whitespace in containers, such as Body and Rectangle, should be consumed when contents grow instead of preserving the minimum white space between the contents and the container. public: property bool ConsumeContainerWhitespace { bool get(); void set(bool value); };

Where is ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace?

Solution 2
Click Outside the Report1. rdlc and PRESS F4 it will open Properties. there you will find the ConsumeContainerWhiteSpace property.

How do I add a blank page in Crystal Reports?

To create a new blank report in Crystal Reports 2013, you can click the “Blank report” hyperlink in the “Start Page” or select “File| New| Blank Report…” from the Menu Bar. This will create a new, blank report and launch the “Database Expert” dialog box where you can select a report data source.

Does Visual Studio 2022 support SSRS?

Visual Studio 2022 has been out for some eight months now, but it still lacks full support for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), a top feature request.

How do I get a list of reports from report Server?

You can go to Web Service URL (note: not Report Manager URL). So if your main managing URL is http://server/Reports and Web Service URL is http://server/ReportServer – open the second one. It will give you raw listing of available items. Note that this will include reports, datasources, folders etc.

How do I change page layout in SSRS?

Setting the report’s page size, orientation, and margin

  1. Click the View menu, point to Reports, then click Create Report .
  2. On the fourth page of the Report Wizard, you can set the layout of the report.
  3. Click Next twice to get to the last page of the Report Wizard.
  4. Choose the option to modify the report’s design.

How do I suppress a blank page in Crystal Reports?


  1. Right-click on Report Footer.
  2. Select Suppress (No Drill-Down)

How do I hide a textbox in SSRS?

8 Answers

  1. In this example, the report has a dataset named Items and has textbox to show row counts.
  2. Right-click on the textbox that should be visible/hidden based on an expression and select Text Box Properties… .
  3. On the Text Box Properties dialog, click on Visibility from the left section.

What is ConsumeContainerWhitespace?

How do I open the Properties window in SSRS Report Builder?

Click the Property Pages button to open the properties dialog box for a selected report item.

How do I make SSRS reports look good?

Ok, to summarize our efforts of above, we did the following things in order to make SSRS look better: Moved out the Chart Title. Changed the fonts AND font sizes, using typography and spacing for structure instead of lines & borders. Removed obsolete items (in this case: chart axis titles)

How do I create a new SSRS report in Visual Studio 2022?

How to install Reporting Services in Visual Studio 2022 – YouTube

Where are SSRS reports stored in database?

Report server items are always stored in libraries or in a folder within a library.

How do I use a list in SSRS report?

To create a list in your SSRS folder:

  1. From the SSRS folder, click Report Library.
  2. In the ribbon, click Documents.
  3. Select the Insert tab, and click the List icon.
  4. Click inside the report frame and drag the cursor along the frame; this will create an empty rectangle, and the “Dataset Properties” window will appear.

How do I use IIF in SSRS expression?

Using IIF Function in SSRS
We are going to add a new field to the report data set to determine if the Order Year is the Max or Current Year. As shown below, the dataset properties window is opened, and the Fields tab is selected. After clicking Add, at the bottom of the list a new field is added.