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How do I delete a utility program in Windows 10?

How do I delete a utility program in Windows 10?

Select Start > Settings > Apps > Apps & features . Find the app you want to remove, select More > Uninstall.

How do I remove a program that is not listed in Windows 10?


  1. Uninstall the Program. The installation program may detect that this program is already installed on your computer and provide an option to uninstall it.
  2. Run the Uninstall Program Included in the Uninstall Folder.
  3. Use the Uninstall Command Displayed in the Registry.
  4. Shorten the Registry Key Name.

How do I remove a program from the list of installed Programs?

Within the the Tools section, select “Uninstall” and then from the list of programs select the program you wish to remove the entry for. Select the “Delete” button.

How do I force a program that won’t uninstall?

Follow these steps:

  1. Press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard then press “R”, this should open Run.
  2. Now type “appwiz.
  3. This should open the old Windows uninstalling utility.
  4. Now simply find the program you are trying to uninstall, right-click on it, and then click “Uninstall”.

What is uninstall utility?

An uninstaller, also called a deinstaller, is a variety of utility software designed to remove other software or parts of it from a computer. It is the opposite of an installer.

How do I uninstall a program using command prompt?

In the Command prompt, type in ‘wmic,’ and hit Enter. Type in ‘product get name’ in the cmd and hit Enter. This will pull up the product list on your PC. Make sure you replace “name-of-the-program” with an actual program you’d like to remove, and the app will be removed easily.

How do I find hidden Programs on Windows 10?

Open File Explorer from the taskbar. Select View > Show > Hidden items.

How do I Uninstall a program using command prompt?

How do you remove a program that is already uninstalled?

Type control panel in the search box of Windows 10 and then click this app from the search result. Go to Programs (viewed by category) > Programs and Features. Right-click on the program you want to remove and click Uninstall or Uninstall/Change.

How do you make sure a program is completely uninstalled?

Click Start button and go to Control Panel, then click Uninstall a program. In the program list, find the unwanted program and click Uninstall.

How do I force a program to uninstall from Control Panel?

Method II – Run the uninstall from Control Panel

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click Apps.
  4. Select Apps and Features from the left-hand side menu.
  5. Select the Program or App you want to uninstall from the list that appears.
  6. Click the uninstall button that shows under the selected program or app.

Is uninstall program a utility program?

What Windows tool can you use to uninstall a program?

CCleaner is best known as a free registry cleaner and junk file removal program, but it can also be used as a free software uninstaller. You can search for installed software, remove and rename entries from the program list, and sort by name, installation date, size, or version number.

How do I uninstall a program with Administrator rights?

Try getting Administrator permissions

Navigate to the installation directory of the application you want to remove. Locate uninstall executable, right-click it and choose Run as administrator from the menu. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstall process.

What are the WMIC Commands?

QUIT/EXIT Exit WMIC Aliases: ALIAS – Access local system aliases [CALL] BASEBOARD – Base board management (motherboard or system board) BIOS – BIOS management (Basic input/output services) BOOTCONFIG – Boot configuration CDROM – CD-ROM COMPUTERSYSTEM – Computer system [CALL/SET] CPU – CPU CSPRODUCT – Computer system …

How can I find hidden software?

#1: Press “Ctrl + Alt + Delete” and then choose “Task Manager”. Alternatively you can press “Ctrl + Shift + Esc” to directly open task manager. #2: To see a list of processes that are running on your computer, click “processes”. Scroll down to view the list of hidden and visible programs.

How do I find hidden processes?

Press the “Ctrl”, “Alt” and “Delete” keys simultaneously on the keyboard. Verify in the “Options” menu that you have activated the “Always visible” option. In the Windows Task Manager, click on “Processes”. This list shows all the processes that are currently running on the computer.

How do I remove registry entries from uninstalled Programs?

Open the Registry Editor by selecting Start, Run, typing regedit and clicking OK. Navigate your way to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall. In the left pane, with the Uninstall key expanded, right-click any item and select Delete.

Why when I uninstall a program is it still in the registry?

This is usually caused by a badly written program that doesn’t properly uninstall itself. The entry is not removed from the registry and therefore remains in the list. If you try to uninstall it again, you’ll most likely just get an error message.

Why should you not remove a program by deleting its folder?

Under no circumstances should you simply delete the program folder of the application to uninstall it, because this could leave numerous files and entries in the system, which could threaten the stability of the system. 1.

Why should you be careful while removing a program from your system?

When you uninstall a software program, many times its entry in Windows Registry is not deleted by the uninstaller. It might increase Windows Registry size.

Why is it important to uninstall a program you no longer use?

Uninstalling unused or unwanted programs can help your computer in various ways. By uninstalling these programs you will be, Adding hard drive space. Increasing computer speed – By removing programs you’re not using, they won’t have access to run in your background; therefore, increasing PC speeds.

What does uninstaller utility software remove?

Uninstalling software requires removing all the files that were copied to the hard disk during installation as well as deleting Registry entries for Windows applications. Earlier PC uninstallers restored the AUTOEXEC. BAT, CONFIG. SYS, WIN. INI and SYSTEM.

What software can remove software that is no longer needed?

Revo Uninstaller(Opens in a new window) can cleanly and completely remove desktop applications, Windows apps, and even browser extensions. The free version offers basic features and is a good place to start.

How do I uninstall a program as administrator in Control Panel?

Start > in the search box, type programs and features > press Tnter key > uac prpompt, that’s where you either have to click Yes or Continue, or enter the admin password > scroll to find the program you want to uninstall > right click at the program > click Uninstall. Was this reply helpful?