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How do I configure NetBackup client encryption?

How do I configure NetBackup client encryption?

6) In the NetBackup Administration Console, Expand NetBackup Management > Host Properties > Clients, double click to launch client properties window. Click on “Encryption” and Configure this client to be enabled for encryption.

What is the certificate authority CA for NetBackup?

Beginning with NetBackup version 8.1, administrators are required to configure a trust relationship between the Certificate Authority (CA), which is the master server, and any NetBackup media servers or clients.

What is NetBackup enterprise Vault?

About the NetBackup Enterprise Vault Agent

The Enterprise Vault agent enables you to back up and restore the Enterprise Vault file system data and the Enterprise Vault SQL Server data.

What is disk pool in NetBackup?

A disk pool represents disk volumes on the underlying disk storage. NetBackup aggregates the disk volumes into pools of storage you can use for backups. A disk pool is the storage destination of a NetBackup storage unit. Disk pools are either AdvancedDisk type or AdvancedDisk_crypt type.

Does Backup Exec encrypt data?

Backup Exec provides the ability to encrypt data with encryption keys. When the data on a tape is encrypted, you protect it from unauthorized access. Backup Exec can encrypt data at a computer that uses the Remote Agent, and then transfer the encrypted data to the media server.

Where are NetBackup certificates stored?

The signed certificate is stored in the specified certificate file. The command must be executed on the NetBackup host which has connectivity with the master server. Note: Clustered NetBackup hosts have two certificate stores, a local certificate store and a global certificate store.

How do I find my NetBackup certificate?

In NetBackup Administration Console, expand Security Management > Certificate Management. For the host of interest, examine the Certificate State column for state of the certificate.

What is Enterprise Vault Discovery Accelerator?

Discovery Accelerator is an electronic discovery and review system that integrates with Enterprise Vault services and archives.

How do I add Enterprise Vault to Outlook?

  1. In the Outlook Navigation Pane, right-click the mailbox and then click Data File Properties.
  2. In the Mailbox Properties, click the Enterprise Vault tab to display the current settings.
  3. Click Change.
  4. Choose the required options.
  5. Click OK in the Enterprise Vault – Change Properties dialog box.

Which two pools are created by default in NetBackup?

NetBackup is the default pool name for NetBackup. DataStore is the default pool name for DataStore. CatalogBackup is the default pool name for volume pools that are used for storing NetBackup hot, online catalog backups of policy type NBU-Catalog.

What is basic disk in NetBackup?

The basic disk staging is done in two stages: Stage I: The clients are backed up using a policy. In the policy disk is specified as the storage unit in the properties of change storage unit window.

Is Veritas Backup Encrypted?

Backup Exec supports two security levels of encryption: 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and 256-bit AES.

How do I enable encryption in Backup Exec?

To create an encryption key, perform the following steps.

  1. Go To Backup Exec applet –> Configuration and Settings –> Backup Exec Settings.
  2. Go to Network and Security –> Manage Keys.
  3. Click New.

Which certificate is used by NetBackup for secure communication between hosts?

About secure communication in NetBackup
NetBackup uses Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol for host communication where each host needs to present its security certificate and validate the peer host’s certificate against the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate.

What is Openv?

Solution. The /usr/openv/netbackup/hardlink_info directory is used on each client to facilitate the restarting of incomplete checkpoint backups.

How do I get to the Enterprise Vault in Outlook 2013?


  1. Open Outlook.
  2. Click on File > section Options > Add-Ins.
  3. Find ‘Enterprise Vault Add-in’ under ‘Inactive Application Add-ins and select it.
  4. Click Go.
  5. Find Enterprise Vault Add-in and mark the checkbox.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Restart Outlook for changes to take effect.

How do I find Enterprise Vault?

Enterprise Vault Search- Overview – YouTube

What are the default volume pools in NetBackup?

CatalogBackup is the default pool name for volume pools that are used for storing NetBackup hot, online catalog backups of policy type NBU-Catalog.

How do I telnet from NetBackup appliance?

Menu> How to run telnet command on veritas netbackup appliance after going to Main. Menu> Support > Maintenance> Elevate? rather use bptestbpcd. It will request a connection to the client as well as connect-back.

What is staging in NetBackup?

Images are copied from the disk storage unit to the final destination storage unit. This is done using the disk staging schedule and this will determine when to copy the images from the disk storage unit to the final destination storage unit.

What is Data Domain in NetBackup?

NetBackup can use a Data Domain system as a file device if the Data Domain System is configured with either the Basic Disk (NFS, CIFS) or OST Storage Unit configuration.

Does NetBackup encrypt data?

In NetBackup, the encryption software is automatically installed with the NetBackup UNIX and Windows server and client installations. A valid license key is required to enable functionality.

What is master server in Netbackup?

The Master Server is the “brains” for all data protection activities, from scheduling and. tracking client backups to managing tape media and more. Media Server – Manages backups and restores of Client and the Media Server’s local data to. direct attached or SAN-attached storage (tape/disk).

How do I move emails to Enterprise Vault?

To move the items, drag them into the Virtual Vault folder where you want to store them. Or right-click them, and then click Move and select a Virtual Vault folder.

How do I open attachments in Enterprise Vault?

In the message window, click the Paperclip icon next to the message subject line to show attachments. Note: Attachments are shown under the message recipient list. Click on an attachment to download it to your computer.