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How can I get 9 bands in IELTS Speaking?

How can I get 9 bands in IELTS Speaking?

Here are his points in a list with some extra tips for IELTS Speaking:

  1. don’t be shy.
  2. enjoy the chat with the examiner.
  3. your ideas are not important – your knowledge is not being tested.
  4. say your ideas with confidence and showcase your language skills.
  5. simple ideas explained using excellent English can get you band score 9.

Who got 9 band in IELTS Bangladesh?

Qazi Mustabeen Noor

And then come people like Qazi Mustabeen Noor, who record 9.0 on 9.0, and we wonder if these people are for real. Mustabeen, now an MA student at the Department of English and Cultural Studies in McMaster University, got 9 in both Listening and Speaking while scoring 8.5 in Reading and Writing taking the Academic test.

Can you get Band 9 in Speaking?

Yes, getting an IELTS band score of 9 in the actual exam is very much possible. This is possible if you have met the expectations of the IELTS examiner and showcased the qualities of a competent user of the English language.

Is IELTS band 9 hard?

A perfect IELTS Band 9 score, a real dream that every IELTS test taker see at a certain point. Though, for a candidate from a non-English speaking nation, this might be difficult but not impossible.

IELTS Band 9 Score –

IELTS Band Score Skill Level
9 Expert
8 Very good
7 Good
6 Competent

Is IELTS speaking difficult?

Since it’s structured like an interview, the Speaking test is a stressful exercise for many test-takers. Fortunately, there are some easy steps you can take to not only reduce stress but attain a high score. Follow the 10 tips below and you’ll be on your way to excelling on the IELTS Speaking test!

Can I prepare for IELTS in 10 days?

Preparing for IELTS in 10 days is possible but depends on initial proficiency in English, the desired band, and your learning abilities. If you’re fluent enough and know the basic grammar rules, passing IELTS is more than manageable for you.

What is the highest IELTS score in Bangladesh?

The highest possible band score is 9.0; most universities accept a score of 6.0 for undergraduate admission and 6.0-7.0 for graduate admission. There are two versions of the IELTS test.

Is IELTS difficult?

Many people find this test section one of the hardest if they haven’t prepared ahead of time using test prep tools, or by listening to English music or by watching English television shows. This section of the exam requires you to complete two writing tasks.

How can I predict my IELTS speaking score?

Some examples:

  1. Reading 6.5 + Writing 5 + Speaking 7 + Listening 6.5 = 25. Divide 25 by 4 = 6.25. Ends in .25 so round up to the next half band.
  2. Reading 6.5 + Writing 5.5 + Speaking 6.0 + Listening 6.5 = 24.5. Divide 24.5 by 4 = 6.125.
  3. Reading 3.5 + Writing 4.0 + Speaking 4.0 + Listening 4.0 = 19.5. Divide 19.5 by 4 = 3.875.

How can I get 8.5 in IELTS?

In order to get an 8 band score in listening and reading you need to get 89% of the marks. Since IELTS reading and listening have 40 questions each, in order to get band 8 you have to at least answer 36 questions of each.

How should I dress for IELTS speaking?

You don’t need to wear a full suit and tie to your IELTS Speaking test unless you feel comfortable and confident when you wear it. The IELTS test is a formal test, but it isn’t a job interview. So, if you’re thinking about what to wear for the IELTS Speaking test, you just need to wear whatever makes you comfortable.

Can I retake IELTS speaking only?

No matter what you’ve scored in the other 3 sections, if you felt your score is less in the IELTS speaking section alone and planned to appear again, you need to retake the IELTS exam (reading, listening, speaking, and writing) completely, not one.

How can I impress examiner in IELTS speaking?

One of the most popular videos on our YouTube channel, IELTS Energy TV, describes 3 ways of impressing the examiner in Speaking Part 1 of the IELTS exam.
1. Smile and Answer Immediately

  1. Smile.
  2. Don’t slouch.
  3. Don’t sit with your legs wide open.
  4. Use open gestures.

Which month is best for IELTS exam?

However, it is impossible to identify which the changes in particular topics. The good thing is, you have the chance to learn 99% of the IELTS topics if you schedule your test in April, August, ad December. Yes, you will have enough time to prepare for the big battle.

Who is the best IELTS teacher in Bangladesh?

IELTS Tutors in Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Tasnuva A.
  • Alim S.
  • Md.
  • Mohammad H. Private IELTS tutor in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Arun P. Private IELTS tutor in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Md M. Private IELTS tutor in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Zahirul H. Private IELTS tutor in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Md Majidul Haque B. Private IELTS tutor in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Which center is best for IELTS exam in Bangladesh?

WINGS Learning Centre.

  • SALT Lab.
  • IELTS Spirit.
  • British American Resource Center (BARC)
  • FutureEd English Bangladesh.
  • British Language Club & IELTS Center.
  • Saifur’s IELTS Coaching Center.
  • Mentors’
  • What is the hardest part in IELTS?

    the Writing module
    According to several surveys on IELTS modules, the Writing module is the toughest among the four. The writing is considered as the most difficult module of any exam.

    In which month IELTS exam is easy?

    So, there is no definitive answer to which month would be the easiest. However, it is advisable that candidates retake the exam only after a few months, with thorough preparation to score better.

    Can I retake IELTS Speaking only?

    What happens if I don’t speak for 2 minutes in IELTS?

    Speaking for a full 2 minutes will enable your examiner to collect evidence on not only your Fluency and Coherence, but also the other criteria as well. If you speak for shorter than a minute, you will not have provided adequate evidence for your assessor to give you a fair score on your performance.

    Is 3 weeks enough for IELTS?

    Is three weeks sufficient for IELTS preparation? If your ability level is good to average, 3 to 6 weeks should be enough time to prepare for IELTS.

    Which mask is best for IELTS Speaking?

    Your speaking examiner will be wearing a surgical mask. A test taker or examiner cannot insist to remove the facemask during the speaking test. Test takers may be requested to remove mask for identification and after any toilet breaks to confirm identity.

    How do you greet the Examiner in IELTS Speaking?

    IELTS Speaking: Greeting the examiner – YouTube

    Can we combine 2 IELTS results?

    Combining IELTS test scores
    You can achieve the required mark across two test sittings if: you sit the tests within six months of each other. you’re tested in all four sections at the same time. all scores in both sittings are not below 6.5, and.

    How do you greet IELTS examiner?