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Does Zendesk support multiple languages?

Does Zendesk support multiple languages?

To provide support for multiple languages, you must first select those languages from the list of languages that are available in Zendesk Support. In Admin Center, click the Account icon ( ) in the sidebar, then select Appearance > Localization. In the Languages section, click Additional languages.

What language does Zendesk use?

The default configuration of Zendesk Support is in the English language. However, the agent and administrator user interface can be viewed in a number of supported languages. For example, you can change the language of the system messages that appear in email notifications to your end-users.

Does Zendesk support Arabic?

This article provides an overview of Zendesk language support by product.

Main languages.

ar Arabic
hi Hindi
hu Hungarian
id Indonesian
it Italian

Does Zendesk support HTML?

By default, Zendesk uses the HTML part of the in-bound email to create tickets and comments. This means that any rich content in emails is retained and displayed in tickets. Rich content includes: Full color, basic formatting , code blocks, tables, and inline images.

Is Zendesk B2B or b2c?


Our customer service software makes it easier to maintain complex B2B customer service relationships. It allows you to integrate all your customer information and interactions from a wide array of touchpoints, including social media, text, email, live chat, and phone calls.

How does Zendesk detect language?

Web widget: Zendesk can detect a user’s preferred language from their Web browser preference setting. The accept-language header, which is passed via HTTP, contains information about the user’s language preference.

Does Zendesk use Java?

Zendesk Java Client by Cloudbees
Cloudbees maintains a Java client for Zendesk that can be used in projects.

Is Zendesk a CRM or SaaS?

Zendesk is a fast-growing SaaS vendor specializing in customer service and support ticketing.

Is Zendesk blocked in China?

While Zendesk does not prohibit access to its products from mainland China, it is not possible to guarantee the quality or reliability of service there as Chinese ISPs dynamically change what they block and permit access to.

Is Zendesk like Salesforce?

Both Zendesk and Salesforce offer crucial sales features like contact management, lead management, email tracking—and most of the basics that your sales team will need.

Is Zendesk built on AWS?

Zendesk is built from the ground up on AWS, and is an Advanced Technology Partner, delivering the scale and security of the public cloud along with powerful integrations that make it easy to solve customer problems.