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Can I leave Istanbul airport during a layover?

Can I leave Istanbul airport during a layover?

You can definitely leave the airport and see the city and enjoy yourself. In fact if both of your flights are with Turkish Airlines, then you can have either a free hotel (if you qualify with a “forced layover”) or free guided tours, whichever is more convenient for you.

Is 1 hour transit enough in Istanbul?

From personal experience, 1.5 hours is absolutely fine for international to international connection at Ataturk airport. I’ve travelled via that airport many, many times; the shortest connection I have had was 50 minutes – and I made it just fine, along with my luggage.

Can you explore Istanbul on layover?

We believe that Istanbul layover tour is great way to spend your valuable time, rather than sitting in the airport for long hours. As one of the most vibrant cities in the world, Istanbul has a lot to offer to turn painfully boring layover into a cultural & fun experience in a few hours tour from Istanbul Airports.

Can I leave Istanbul airport during layover without visa?

Do I need to get transit visa? Answer: If you will not leave the transit lounge at the airport you are not required to have transit visa. Otherwise, you have to make visa application to the nearest Turkish Representation.

Do I need a PCR test to transit through Istanbul airport?

Transit passengers are not required to submit a PCR test in Turkey however they are advised to review the flight restrictions applied by the destination country regarding the PCR test requirements, age limits and the duration.

What can you do during a layover in Istanbul?

5 Things to Do in Istanbul on a Layover

  • Take a Food Tour of Istanbul. Food tours are one of our favorite things to do in urban cities.
  • Visit the Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque is one of the top Istanbul tourist attractions, and with good reason.
  • Shop in the Grand Bazaar.
  • Wander a Neighborhood.
  • Indulge in a Turkish Meal.

Is 2 hours enough for transit in Istanbul airport?

You are required to be at the terminal at least 3 hours before your international flights and at least 2 hours before your domestic flights.

Can you leave the airport during a layover?

Yes, you can leave the airport during domestic layovers. For instance, if you’re a US citizen and have a layover within the country, it is legal and safe to leave the airport. Be aware that you’ll probably be getting two boarding passes if the domestic layover is more than an hour.

What can you do on a 9 hour layover in Istanbul?

What to do on your Istanbul layover?

  • Visit the Blue Mosque. Istanbul’s crown jewel.
  • Behold the Hagia Sophia. Another Turkish national treasure, and a shining example of how the Ottomans borrowed from other cultures.
  • Stroll through the Topaki Palace’s courtyard.
  • Get lost at the Grand Bazaar.
  • Savor Turkish coffee.

Do I need PCR test for transit in Turkey?

Yes. PCR testing while staying in Turkey for foreigners is limited to those who have symptoms, or those who may have an entry requirement back to their home country. Testing is paid for by the traveler.

Can I get my luggage during a layover in Turkish Airlines?

It is not possible to access your baggage during a connecting flight. For more detailed information please visit our baggage and transfer-transit passengers pages. Is this answer helpful?

Do I need HES code for transit in Turkey?

HES code is mandatory. HES codes will be checked 24 hours before travel and will be notified regarding their status. Passengers who are not approved by the Ministry of Health will not be permitted for travel. Each HES code is valid only for a certain period or without time limit.

How safe is flying with Turkish Airlines?


Turkish Airlines is now rated as a seven-star airline for safety by the global rating agency Turkish Airlines’ incident record over the past five years has been outstanding and has resulted in the airline’s safety rating being lifted from five-star to the highest seven-star.

How can I spend a few hours in Istanbul?

5 Things to Do in Istanbul on a Layover

  1. Take a Food Tour of Istanbul. Food tours are one of our favorite things to do in urban cities.
  2. Visit the Blue Mosque. The Blue Mosque is one of the top Istanbul tourist attractions, and with good reason.
  3. Shop in the Grand Bazaar.
  4. Wander a Neighborhood.
  5. Indulge in a Turkish Meal.

Do I have to go through security again for connecting flight Istanbul?

I have a connecting flight through Istanbul Airport, do I need to obtain visa? If you come from abroad and take a transfer flight from Istanbul Airport to abroad again, you can proceed to your next flight by ascending to the departing passenger floor after passing through our security checkpoint.

Is a 4 hour layover enough time to leave the airport?

On a domestic flight you are limited to a 4 hour connection which does not leave much time to leave the airport for sightseeing. If you are connecting from an international flight to a domestic flight then a layover is defined by the airlines as no more than 23 hours and providing ample to time for sightseeing.

Can I get out of airport during international layover?

Leaving the airport during an international layover is possible but can be more complicated. Depending on the layover country, layover flight rules may require you to secure a visa before being allowed to venture out of the airport.

How far is Hagia Sophia from airport?

How far is it from Istanbul Airport (IST) to Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan Bathhouse? The distance between Istanbul Airport (IST) and Hagia Sophia Hurrem Sultan Bathhouse is 34 km. The road distance is 49 km.

Do you still pay 10 to enter Turkey?

There are currently no requirements for entering Turkey.

What are the restrictions in Turkey for tourists?

All COVID-19 entry restrictions to Türkiye have been lifted. You’re no longer required to present proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 (PCR) test results on arrival. You’re required to wear a face mask in hospitals. You could be fined for not wearing a face mask where it’s mandatory.

Do I have to go through security again for connecting flight?

For connecting domestic flights, you almost never have to exit and reenter security, though there are some exceptions at airports where the terminals aren’t all connected. For domestic-to-international connection, it’s still pretty rare that you have to exit and reenter security, even if you’re changing terminals.

Do I have to pick up my luggage on a connecting international flight Turkish Airlines?

Disembark from the aircraft with your cabin baggage only. The baggage will be carried to the final destination. Obtain your boarding pass at the related airline’s transit counter and go to the boarding gate without conducting any passport procedures at the international arrival terminal.

Does Istanbul Airport need PCR test?

PCR testing is available at Istanbul Airport. There is no need for an appointment to visit the airport’s testing center, as it is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The testing center is in front of Entrance 14 in Arrivals Hall. The test fee is 250 TL or about $35 for all ages.

How do foreigners get HES code?

You may receive your HES code through your passport information. All you have to do is sending an SMS to +90555 944 3821 including your country code, passport serial number, year of birth and last name, respectively and interspaced.

Does Turkish Airlines give you a blanket?

We provide pillows and blankets on Business Class flights, as well as a travel kit which contains a sleep mask, earplugs, lip balm, socks and other items you might need while traveling. Our in-flight entertainment system offers films, TV shows, music and games.