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Will Minor Threat ever play again?

Will Minor Threat ever play again?

“We will never play shows again,” Baker said. “It was a product of its time. It’s so much better to leave it alone than ruin it by being a bunch of old guys playing songs that we wrote when we were teenagers.”

Who played bass in Minor Threat?

Brian BakerMinor Threat / Bassist

Minor Threat was an American hardcore punk band, formed in 1980 in Washington, D.C. by vocalist Ian MacKaye and drummer Jeff Nelson. MacKaye and Nelson had played in several other bands together, and recruited bassist Brian Baker and guitarist Lyle Preslar to form Minor Threat.

Who was in Minor Threat?

Ian MacKayeBrian BakerGuitarJeff NelsonLyle PreslarSteve Hansgen
Minor Threat/Members

Is Minor Threat still together?

Legendary hardcore band MINOR THREAT will never play shows again, says bassist Brian Baker. MINOR THREAT released two EPs and the studio album “Out Of Step” before breaking up in the mid-’80s.

Where is the Dischord House?

“Dischord House” is on a leafy side street in Arlington, Virginia, a blowsy suburb of Washington, D.C. Ian MacKaye, who cofounded the legendary punk label Dischord in 1980, has lived here since 1981, but the building’s days as a punk-rock group home are long past–MacKaye is now its only resident.

Is Minor Threat A good band?

Definitely one of the greatest hardcore punk bands ever, Minor Threat popped fresh and rested out of a busy DC underground in the early ’80s, following the demise of singer Ian MacKaye and drummer Jeff Nelson’s previous band, The Teen Idles (for which Ian played bass, actually, even though his voice is around 60 or 70 …

What type of punk is Minor Threat?

Hardcore Punk band
Minor Threat were a Washington DC-based Hardcore Punk band who were short-lived but influential, and notable both for their disciplined, DIY approach and their embrace of a no drugs/no alcohol ethic.

What genre is Minor Threat?

Alternative/IndieMinor Threat / Genre

Which Minor Threat member helped found punk’s most important indie label?

Active since 1979, he is best known as the co-founder and owner of Dischord Records, a Washington, D.C.-based independent record label and the frontman of hardcore punk band Minor Threat and post-hardcore band Fugazi.

Ian MacKaye
Birth name Ian Thomas Garner MacKaye
Born April 16, 1962 Washington, D.C., U.S.

Is Ian MacKaye rich?

Ian MacKaye net worth: Ian MacKaye is an American musician, producer, and record label owner who has a net worth of $5 million. Ian Thomas Garner MacKaye was born in Washington, D.C. in April 1962.
Ian MacKaye Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 16, 1962 (60 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.7526 m)

What type of punk is minor threat?

What genre is minor threat?

Is Minor Threat actually straight edge?

Brian Baker: Minor Threat did not brand ourselves as a straight edge entity. The idea of having straight edge bands came after us, with the Boston people. This excerpt is taken from the chapter “Minor Threats” in Tony Rettman’s book Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History, published by Bazillion Points.

Is an emo a Minor Threat?

Hardcore punk bands and post-hardcore bands who influenced early emo bands include Minor Threat, Black Flag and Hüsker Dü.

How many Minor Threat albums are there?

Out of Step1983Complete Discography1989Minor Threat1984Salad Days1985, EPIn My Eyes1981, EPFirst Demo Tape2003, EP
Minor Threat/Albums

Who is the richest punk rocker?

Who Is The Richest Pop Punk Artist Of Them All?

  • 6) Gerard Way/Davey Havok – $20 million.
  • 5) Travis Barker/Tre Cool – $45 million.
  • 4) Mike Dirnt/Avril Lavigne – $50 million.
  • 3) Billie Joe Armstrong – $55 million.
  • 2) Mark Hoppus/Tom DeLonge – $60 million.
  • 1) Dexter Holland – $65 million.

Is Johnny Rotten rich?

Johnny Rotten Net Worth:
The English singer is worth $500 thousand (£412,000), according to celebrity net worth.

Who invented Straight Edge?

In 1981, a hardcore punk band called Minor Threat released a 46-second song entitled “Straight Edge,” where vocalist Ian MacKaye delivered a blistering rebuke to the hedonism and substance abuse that pervaded the punk music culture of the time.

Who was the first ever emo?

Rites Of Spring
1. 1980s: The first wave. Born out of Washington D.C.’s 1980s hardcore-punk scene, emo’s roots are often traced back to Rites Of Spring. Musically similar to the scuzzed-up riffing of post-hardcore, it was Rites Of Spring’s personal lyricism that saw them picked out as the fathers of emo.

What emo girl means?

a fan of emo, especially a person who is overly sensitive, emotional, and full of angst, or who adopts a certain style characterized by dyed black hair, tight t-shirts and skinny jeans, etc. a person who is overly sensitive or emotional.

Who is the richest musician in the world?

The record for richest musician in the world 2022 is held by Kanye West who has accumulated his huge wealth through music, real estate and brand endorsement. He is one of the richest singers in the world. His music records have alone sold over 160 million copies and he is the winner of 24 Grammy Awards.

How much is Sid Vicious estate worth?

Sid Vicious Net Worth: Sid Vicious was an English musician and vocalist who had a net worth of $400 thousand. Sid Vicious was born in Lewisham, London, England in May 1957 and passed away in February 1979. He was best known for being the bass guitar player for the Sex Pistols.

How much did Malcolm McLaren leave?

But on April 5 – almost two years to the day of the anniversary of Mr McLaren’s death – a probate document declared that the music legend’s entire estate, worth £169,750, had been awarded to Miss Kim.

Can you be straight edge without being punk?

For some, it is still an intrinsic part of the hardcore punk scene; for many other people, straight edge is a philosophy that exists beyond the music. It can mean abstaining from alcohol, drugs, casual sex, animal products, tobacco, or even caffeine, without ever listening to a punk song or going to a show.

Can you drink coffee if you’re straight edge?

For some, this extends to refraining from engaging in promiscuous sex, to following a vegetarian or vegan diet, and to not using caffeine or prescription drugs. The term straight edge was adopted from the 1981 song “Straight Edge” by the hardcore punk band Minor Threat.