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Where is C6 and C7 located in the spine?

Where is C6 and C7 located in the spine?

The C6 vertebra is found in the inferior end of the neck, just above the thorax. A bony arch, known as the vertebral arch, wraps around the vertebra to provide attachment for muscles. The C7 is the most inferior vertebra, as well as the largest, in the neck area.

What is C6 7 in the spine?

The C6-C7 spinal motion segment bears the primary load from the weight of the head and provides support to the lower part of the neck. The lower end of this motion segment articulates with the first vertebra of the thoracic spine (T1).

Where is C7 located in the spine?

cervical spine

C7 is the bottom of the cervical spine and connects with the top of the thoracic spine, T1, to form the cervicothoracic junction—also referred to as C7-T1. Not only is C7’s spinous process significantly bigger than those of the vertebrae above, it is also a different shape to better fit with T1 below.

Where are C5 C6 and C7 located?

The C5-C6 spinal motion segment (located in the lower cervical spine just above the C7 vertebra) provides flexibility and support to much of the neck and the head above.

What part of the body does C6/C7 affect?

The C6-C7 disc is 6th cervical disc near the lower part of the neck, near the top of the shoulders. The nerve root that would be affected by the C6-C7 disc herniation controls the arms, the shoulders, the heart, the lungs, and more.

How long does it take for C6 and C7 to heal?

It may take 4 to 6 weeks to get back to your usual activities.

What helps pain from C6 and C7?

Both over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications are used to treat pain stemming from C6-C7. Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), opioids, tramadol, and/or corticosteroids are a few examples of pain-relieving medications that may be used.

What part of the body does C7 affect?

C7 helps control the triceps (the large muscle on the back of the arm that straightens the elbow) and wrist extensor muscles. The C7 dermatome goes down the back of the arm and into the middle finger. C8 helps control the hands, such as finger flexion (handgrip).

What does C6 7 control?

C6 provides sensation to the thumb side of your forearm and hand. Cervical nerve 7 controls your triceps and wrist extensor muscles. C7 provides sensation to the back of your arm into your middle finger. Cervical nerve 8 controls your hands and gives sensation to the pinky side of your hand and forearm.

What areas do C6/C7 affect?