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Is there a new Madea movie coming out 2022?

Is there a new Madea movie coming out 2022?

A Madea Homecoming is a 2022 American comedy film produced, written, and directed by Tyler Perry and his second film to be released by Netflix. Besides Perry, the film stars Cassi Davis-Patton, David Mann, Tamela Mann, Gabrielle Dennis, and Brendan O’Carroll.

Will there be a new Madea movie 2023?

and Lionsgate computer-animated film) A Madea Family Funeral is a 2023 American comedy film written, directed, and produced by Tyler Perry.

Is there going to be another Madea movie after homecoming?

Tyler Perry Is ‘100%’ Ready to Let Someone New Play Madea. After doing one more feature film with A Madea Homecoming, Tyler Perry says he’s ready to pass off the role for the upcoming Showtime prequel series.

Is Tyler Perry done making Madea movies?

“Listen, I thought it was over this last time,” Perry told ET’s Kevin Frazier at the film’s premiere on Tuesday. “So, I’ve decided not to say anything. Just let it be.” Perry promised that he “officially hung up” the character with 2019’s Madea Family Funeral.

Who is Madea’s husband?

Madea Simmons

Mabel “Madea” Simmons
Spouses Johnny Simmons (Deceased) Willie Humphrey (Ex-Husband) Mr. Leroy Brown (Ex-Lover)
Siblings Frederick Baker Jr. (Deceased), Joe, Willie, and Heathrow (Brothers) Irene (Sister, Deceased)
Parents Big Mable Murphy (Mother, Deceased) Frederick Baker Sr. (Father, Deceased)

Is Madea Cora’s mom?

Cora is the daughter of Mable (Madea) Simmons and Leroy Brown. She is the most well-known of all Madea’s children, as well the only living one. She appears in a number of plays, films, and even in the series timeline, sharing the same personality in each, as well as religious views.

What is Madea’s last movie?

A Madea Halloween (2017)

Who is the old white lady in Madea homecoming?

Agnes Brown. If you’ve seen the trailer for Homecoming, you know that Mrs. Brown shows up at Madea’s door as one of the few white guests to come to the house to celebrate the college graduation of Madea’s great-grandson.

Why did Tyler Perry quit Madea?

By the late 2010s, Perry felt he had completed her story and was ready to move on to other things. He told CNN at the time, “I’ll be 50 this year and I’m just at a place in my life where this next 50 I want to do things differently. This character has been amazing. So many people have loved her.

Is Madea Brian’s mom?

Brian is a supporting male character throughout various films played by Tyler Perry himself. Madea’s nephew and Joe’s son. He’s a lawyer, and is usually getting Madea out of jail.

Who is Madea’s son?


Sometime later, Madea and Johnny had a son, William. All of her children married and had children. Madea and Johnny raised three of their grandchildren, Maylee and Vianne “Khazzy” Simmons, after their daughter’s death from drug addiction.

Why is Mrs Brown in Madea?

Well, it turns out that she is the grand-aunt of Tim’s friend Davi (Isha Blaaker), so she comes along to the homecoming. Jennifer Gibney also reprises her role as Mrs Brown’s daughter Cathy, as she’s Davi’s aunt and joins in on the fun too.

Is Madea a man?

Mabel “Madea” Earlene Simmons (née Baker/Murphy) is a character created and portrayed by Tyler Perry. She is described as a tough, street-smart elderly African-American woman.

Who is Madea’s baby daddy?

Cora is the daughter of Mable (Madea) Simmons and Leroy Brown.

Who is Cora’s father?

Before she leaves her fans Madea wants to finally share the identity of Cora’s real father. She says her dad is Tom Joyner and she’ll be moving to Miami to be with Tom because, “it’s just meant to be.”

Is Cora related to Madea?

Cora Jean (Brown) Simmons is a character in many Tyler Perry Productions. She is a single devoted Christian mother to Lisa and Tina, and she’s also the only living daughter and child of Madea. She is portrayed by Tamela Mann.

Is Mr Brown Madea’s baby daddy?

David Anthony Mann Sr.
His character Mr. Brown is the father of Madea’s daughter Cora (played by his real life wife, Tamela Mann). Mann also reprised his role as the character in the movies Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns and Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail.

Who is Cora’s daddy?

Mr. Leroy Brown
Cora Jean (Brown) Simmons is a character in many Tyler Perry Productions.

Cora Jean Simmons
Parents Mother, Madea and Father, Mr. Leroy Brown