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How much is corn per bushel in Missouri?

How much is corn per bushel in Missouri?

Crop Insurance Projected Prices

Crop 2017
Projected Price Harvest Price
Barley-Winter ($/bushel) $3.12 $3.25
Corn ($/bushel) $3.96 $3.49
Corn-Organic($/bushel) $9.06 $7.99

What is today’s corn price per bushel?

The price shown is in U.S. Dollars per bushel. The current price of corn as of September 26, 2022 is $6.7150 per bushel.

What is the market price of corn today?

Key Data

Label Value
Last 688.25
Prior Settlement 685.5
52 Week High 818.25
52 Week Low 512.25

What is the price of corn in Missouri?

Mid-Missouri Energy, LLC

Name Delivery $ Price
Corn 09/24/2022 $6.88
Corn 10/01/2022 $6.88
Corn 11/01/2022 $6.98
Corn 12/01/2022 $6.98

What is the highest price corn has ever been?

Historically, Corn reached an all time high of 843.75 in August of 2012.

Are corn prices up or down?

The price remains elevated. In the year-to-date, the price is up almost 15% since the start of the year, but is currently trading down 17% from April’s highs, which saw the commodity trading above the $8.00 mark. At the time of writing, corn is trading at 665.26¢ or approximately $6.65.

How much is a bushel of corn 2022?

After hitting $7.66 per bushel, December 2022 corn prices have slid lower this summer.

Will corn prices rise in 2022?

USDA’s agricultural projections for 2022, released in February 2022, suggested nominal corn prices could fall from $4.80 a bushel in 2022/23 to $4.00 by 2026/27, and then remain stable at that level through 2031/32. More recent corn price forecast put the average price for the current market year at $6.65.

What will corn prices do in 2022?

What is Missouri’s number one crop?


Among crop production, soybeans, corn, cotton and rice are predominant with Missouri consistently ranking in the top 10 nationwide for the production of those four major commodities. By dollar value, soybeans are Missouri’s number one crop.

What crop does Missouri grow the most of?

Soybeans and corn are by far the dominant crops in Missouri, being particularly important in the northern half of the State and in the southeast (Bootheel). The Bootheel is the most intensively cropped area with its high percentage of tillable, level land, long growing season and plentiful irrigation water.

Will corn prices go up in 2022?

Is it a good time to sell corn?

He noted that the best time to sell corn is often between May 1 and June 15, or a little on either side of those dates.

What is the price of a bushel of corn in 2022?

After hitting $7.66 per bushel, December 2022 corn prices have slid lower this summer. In a normal year, this is the seasonal pattern corn prices follow. But is this a normal year?

Whats the biggest farm in Missouri?

According to, the Circle A Angus Ranch is 24,000 acres with a 7,000 head ranching operation. It’s located in Iberia.

What is Missouri largest cash crop?

Soybeans are Missouri’s No. 1 crop in both number of acres and value, with more than 5 million acres of soybeans planted across the state each year – that’s greater than the total acreage of all other grain, fiber and vegetable crops in Missouri. Soybeans brought the state $2.2 billion in annual cash receipts.

What is the biggest farm in Missouri?

How many acres is the average Missouri farm?

291 acres
If you want to know more about Missouri farms and farmers, such as the average farm size (291 acres), the average age of farmers (57.4 years), the biggest agricultural county by farm sales (Barry), the number of farms with beef cows (48,122) and many other facts, please visit 2017 Census of Agriculture and USDA NASS …

What will the price of corn be in 2022?

What is the best day of the week to sell corn?

After examining data from the past couple of years, I can definitively say that the day of the week with the highest average corn futures trading volume has been Tuesdays, when traders tend to be 15% more active (across several contracts) than they are on Wednesdays.

What is the average bushel of corn per acre?

Corn yield in the United States is estimated at a record high 177.0 bushels per acre, 5.6 bushels above the 2020 yield of 171.4 bushels per acre.

Who is the biggest landowner in Missouri?

Pioneer Forest is the largest private landowner in Missouri, with 146,000 acres.

What is Missouri main crop?

Whats the biggest ranch in Missouri?

What crop brings in the most cash for Missouri farmers?