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You’ll Never Be Able To Watch ‘Bambi’ Again After Meeting This Deer Who Thinks He’s A Dog

Meet Bramble, a deer who hasn’t quite figured out yet that he’s a deer.

Let’s face it, one of the greatest things to come from the advent of the Internet is all of the adorable animal videos that get shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Tumblr. In fact, some people only have a Facebook account so they can see funny videos of dogs being naughty or cats knocking things over.

Be honest: Can you imagine a world without Keyboard Cat? You can, but you don’t want to right?

Dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that hold a monopoly on all-things-Internet. There’s other animals who think they’re dogs and cats.

Meet Bramble, a deer who hasn’t quite figured out yet that he’s a deer.

Naughty, Doggy! Err…Deer!

Geoff Grewcock of Nuneaton, UK runs a home-turned-wildlife sanctuary, and figures that Bramble was just 2 weeks old when he was found unconscious in a field. A good samaritan brought him to Geoff but he ran into an issue…

Geoff tried to release Bramble at three different deer parks but was told that the stag would likely be shot – a thought that Geoff just could not accept.

So he decided to keep Bramble and 10 years later, Geoff says the deer now thinks he’s a dog. Bramble raids Geoff’s pantry, greets visitors when they arrive, and sneaks into Geoff’s bed for naps.

You Have To See This!

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