Why Every Man Should Cook With His Kids During The Holidays

Being a father entails more responsibility than anyone is ever prepared for. One of those responsibilities is teaching your kids how the world of cooking works and prepare them for fending for themselves. It’s not just about being a good dad and sharing memories with your kids, but to actually begin to educate them at an early age on the craft of cooking and it’s importance.

It’s the little things in life that give you the relationship with your kids that you’re looking for. Studies by Dr. William Doherty and The Barilla Family Dinner Project found 70 percent of kids appreciate their parents more when they share a meal and 61 percent of kids agree their parents are more relaxed and fun to be around when they have dinner together.

When picking up take-out for busy families is a reality for most communities… cooking becomes a lost art. For that reason, it’s necessary to  educate your kids on nutrition, what goes into food and influence responsible choices in their diet after they’ve left the nest.

Bring your kids with you to the store and decide what to make for dinner together. Involve them at least once a week, or the very least once a month, in what you feed your entire family. Kids love to feel important and will enjoy helping make choices. Not to mention- they’ll be way less likely to complain about the meal!

Try this effortless meal this upcoming free weekend with your kids and cherish the moment! They grow up fast.