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Vince Gill Curated An Incredible Exhibit Of All The Famous Guitars He’s Collected

“Just looking at them is like art – it’s like a painting – and they each tell a story,” says Gill.

Due to his skills in identifying and collecting highly valuable guitars, Gill has been named ambassador of the new Songbirds Guitar Museum, which opens this weekend in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

“I’m a guitar geek, a nut for guitars and I’ve been collecting for 40 years,” he told People Magazine.

The special exhibit curated by Gill himself will showcase guitars of most significance to the singer, such as a gold sparkle Fender Telecaster from the 1960s. Of course it was played by nobody other than Don Rich, the guitarist for Buck Owens band The Buckaroos.

“Is it the greatest Telecaster I’ve ever played?” says Gill, 59. “Not even close. But I saw him play it on the Buck Owens Ranch Show when I was an eight-year-old kid and it was life changing.”

Check Out The Video Below For More Information On The Exhibit!

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