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Thomas Rhett Shares His Hopes And Fears Over Having Two Babies On The Way

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are going through a very unique circumstance…

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are going through a very unique circumstance. Becoming a first-time dad is a huge deal, but for Rhett, there’s a lot of circumstances to work out before he’s ready for both his biological child and his adoptive child they’ve applied for from Africa.

With his wife pregnant with one child, they can anticipate the time frame for their biological daughter’s arrival. Unfortunately, they have very little information as to when they’ll be official adoptive parents… and when you’re a touring superstar with a wife that’s already pregnant… you can’t even imagine what Thomas Rhett is going through!

Thomas’s busy tour schedule since the release of his third studio album has him concerned for how he will juggle it all, but admits he’s more excited than worried.

“One thing I can’t wait for is to see what they’re interested in,” he says. “Are they gonna like music, or are they gonna resent it because that’s my job? And one thing I’m terrified about is, I’m already so busy … how in the world am I gonna balance the career and kids? And I think the answer is, it’s impossible. So, lots of Red Bull. Dierks [Bentley] said lots of Red Bull.”



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