Thomas Rhett And Lauren Akins Admit To Struggling Through Their Adoption Process

Adoption is a lengthy and often stressful experience, but they’re sticking to it!

Thomas Rhett has been busy on the road touring with his band, but on the side, him and his stunning wife are extremely busy planning their new family! Not only is Rhett’s wife pregnant, but they’re also in the process of adopting a baby from Africa.

Adoption is a lengthy and often stressful experience. Many choose this route when growing their family when first attempts of other methods are unsuccessful. Trying again and again can often mean money is lost, women can suffer physically from the treatments, and both parents can suffer mental effects from the unfortunate associated feelings of loss.

Luckily this won’t be the case for one of your favorite country couples. For Thomas Rhett and Lauren Akins, it turns out they’re getting two babies, two different ways! One Lauren was lucky to conceive herself and the other through an adoption from Africa.

While they might be incredibly lucky to be pregnant, they’re still struggling to seal the deal of adopting a second child they desperately want.

Rhett recently admitted in a radio interview:

“The process of adopting someone from a different country is really, really strenuous, and you find out a lot about yourself,” he said.

“When you’re over there and you and your wife are staying in a hotel room for a month and a half and you wake up, and you think you’re going to get some news and you don’t get it, or you don’t think you’re going to get some news and you do get it. That’s really the best way I can describe the adoption process: an emotional roller coaster.”



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Written by MJ Trevens

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