This Veteran Rescued An Entangled Bald Eagle In The Most Incredible Way

It only makes sense that a veteran would step in to save the day

The Founding Fathers chose the bald eagle as the emblem of the nation for it’s fierce beauty and proud independence. Of course, these characteristics make it the perfect symbol of the strength and freedom of America.

Therefore it only makes sense that a veteran would step in to save the day when it came to a crisis. Jason Galvin did two tours in Afghanistan and is as patriotic of an American as it gets. While on a bait run in Minnesota, he spotted an eagle dangling upside down from a rope it got tangled in.

It turns out, that for two whole days the eagle was reported to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and several police and fire departments… but there was nothing they could do due to how high up the animal was stuck!

Poor Thing!


When Galvin found the poor eagle he estimated it was hanging from the tree about 75-feet off the ground. At first he only joked with his wife that he could shoot the eagle down, but his wife thought it was an amazing idea and insisted that he try. He then contacted Minnesota DNR conservation officer, Phil Mohs, to first ask his permission. Realizing that the eagle would surely die if left in the tree, he figured there was no harm in trying to rescue him by shooting the limb down.

He then invested over an hour and a half taking nearly 150 shots from a .22 caliber rifle ‘while mowing down three branches, and finally the rope, holding up the eagle’ according to KARE 11. Because of the wind that day, Galvin found himself in a real challenge to hit just the right spot. Thankfully he’s an expert veteran and had a kind enough soul to take the time and effort to save this precious endangered animal’s life.

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Written by MJ Trevens

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