This Little Cowboy On Little Big Shots Is About To Lasso Your Heart

Kids raised with the Southern mentality are something else!

Kids raised with the Southern mentality are something else! This little guy’s mantra? “Save up for a horse, dress like a cowboy!” For a six-year-old from Cashion, Oklahoma, that’s a lot of passion for cowboys from a very little man. Apparently he often refuses to take off his cowboy gear and is never seen without it!

He met up with hot shot Steve Harvey for an episode of Little Big Shots and he could NOT have been more adorable. Little Blayze has been practicing his art of roping since he was as young as two-years-old and was more than willing to show off his mad moves during the taping of the show.

With all the time he’s spent creating his identity as a cowboy, he really does have the work ethic of a seasoned ranch-hand! His current goals? To shovel up enough horse poop to save up and buy a horse of his own!

He’s Adorable!


America needs more eager, hard-working and industrious kids like little Blayze! The hilarious conversation of him talking with Steve Harvey is proof this kid is something special.

Last year Steve Harvey told ET, “I know how to talk to kids, because I’ve had kids in my life for 33 years. I don’t pay any attention to the cue cards. You know they prep the kids: ‘Mr. Harvey is going to ask you this and you say this.’ I keep trying to tell them you can’t prep an 8-year-old.”

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Written by MJ Trevens

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