This Dad’s ‘Blinker Fluid’ Prank On His Two Daughters Is Perfection

Check out the video and be sure to try this prank out on your own kids!

When it comes to parenthood, you have to keep yourself laughing to be able to raise kids with a good sense of humor. One way to do that? Giving them their share of embarrassment. Parents are infamous for embarrassing their kids without even meaning to, but an occasional prank or two will also do the trick.

For example, these two young girls were running errands with their Dad, presumably on April Fools day, when he pulled up to a gas station and asked his girls to fetch him a few things he needed for the car. When you’re only 12 years old, you certainly do not know a lot about how cars work. That much is obvious after this girl’s dad pranked her pretty good.

When asked to get “blinker fluid” and a “bucket of steam”, his daughter didn’t think twice when asking an attendant for help. Her little sister may have questioned the “bucket of steam”, but that didn’t stop them from asking for it.

Even after the attendant informed her, laughing, that he thought someone was pulling a prank on her, the little girl continued to insist that no… she needed blinker fluid and a bucket of steam! She even had a coupon her father had given her- LOL!

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Written by MJ Trevens

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