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This Bride Took The Daddy/Daughter Dance To New Heights At Her Wedding!

There’s nothing quite like the relationship between a loving father and his daughter. Even after she grows up, gets married and has children, she is still his little girl.

A father should be the man every boy that comes into his daughters life should be compared to. He should teach her not only how people should be treated, but how she should be treated by the people (especially men) around her.

It Starts When They’re Young…


And Lasts For A Lifetime…


Nothing Can Replace The Bond!

When it comes time for her to get married, he’s there to give her away. His blessing should mean the world, and that’s what makes the father/daughter dance at the reception so special. To make that moment even more lasting, one bride wrote a song for her father and performed it during their dance…

Katherine Camerer wrote a song called “Daughter of a Working Man” before her wedding so she could perform it for her daddy… To the complete surprise of her parents. It’s incredibly heartwarming, and should be shared over and over. Take a listen to the track for yourself below…

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