This 5 Year Old Goes Through A “Break-Up” And Handles It Perfectly

Why can’t break-ups be this easy no matter what age?

Break-ups are hard to do. While as an adult these daunting moments can make life rough, they aren’t particularly as frustrating when you’re only five years old! Do you remember your first kindergarten relationship? Those memories will last with you for the rest of your life, but there’s no way your “relationship” ended as hilariously as it did for this little girl.

When little Dannah got home from school, she told her mother, Dani Lane, all about her day which was full of juicy gossip. In fact, the story was so good, she had to share a video of her daughters talking about the epic break up Dannah went through… and it’s completely hilarious!

What’s even funnier is her sister Dani who backs her up. Watch below!

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Written by MJ Trevens

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