Smell That? These Fathers Are Finding The Funniest Ways To Burn Their Children

It’s part of the whole parenting thing. You can argue all you want about trying to be their friend with the original duty of providing moral and social guidance in the balance, but sometimes, you just have to rebuke your offspring. They can’t get away with thinking they are more than they are, nor can they believe that the world is a wicked place where their youthful individualism is destined to be beaten down. It’s all about that classic clash between Mommy and Daddy and someone who is literally growing a bit too big for their britches. We do it with love. We do it for their own good.

In fact, in this high tech day and age, there are many more opportunities for the lives of adults and their kids to intersect. Parents pay dearly for cell and Internet service, so they want to make sure that Junior and/or Jane are using them responsibly. They also want to protect their own reputations. You don’t want your namesake acting the fool for the whole world to see. Below are 14 examples of Dads re-pegging their misbehaving progeny. They are indeed crispy, burning their babes with a sharpshooters ease. Enjoy:

Livin’ Large!


Good Luck With That




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