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These Design Failures Will Have You Laughing Until You Cry

How could the designers not realize something was… off?

Lets be real, humans are imperfect! We can’t always anticipate where things will go wrong, but once this art was up and a reality, how could the designers not realize something was… off?

It’s a mystery, but also so funny we can’t help but be thankful for these hilarious mess-ups. Check out all the design fails in the gallery, below!

1. Quit…. School??

Even if you have the best design degree, no designer could anticipate the uneven surfaces these advertisements were placed on. The disruptions of pre-existing text cannot be anticipated!

2. There Was No Other Hints That You Were Maybe Pregnant Before This?

Come ON! She looks like she’s 9 months pregnant, right?

3. Don’t Trust All Multi Lingual Ad Agencies… Or this Might Happen!

It’s so great on so many levels.

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Written by MJ Trevens

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