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The Most Perfect Wrong Number Texts That Will Make Your Day

We’ve all done it, but was your wrong number faux pas as epic as these?

It’s hard for millennials to remember, and if you’re a teen it’s completely nonexistent to you, but there was once a time – not even that long ago, actually – when every house had a home phone.

If you’re over 35, chances are, the first home phone you remember was a rotary phone, fresh with a coiled cord that was attached to the wall. If you wanted privacy, you’d play the “how far can I stretch this cord around the corner before mom yells at me” game.

Those eventually evolved into cordless phones, but the range wasn’t too great and if you went into another room, up goes the metal antenna or massive static ensued.

Today, there’s only one phone that rules the school – the cellular kind.

But there’s one thing that ties everything together, even as far back as the late 1800’s when Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone: The infamous wrong number.

You’ve been the victim and you’ve been the perpetrator; it’s inevitable, both happen to everyone at some point.

But was your wrong number as epic as these?

They Have A Point…


Luckily, She Didn’t Send This To A Family Member!


He Did Make The Offer…


This Could Have Been So Much Worse

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