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It’s Not Just Tailgating At UT, It’s Family Tradition!

At the University of Tennessee, they do things a little louder than at other schools: Their stadium, their fight song, even their tailgates.

Grandparents, kids, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, neighbors, and everyone in between all get together to wear their orange and white and sing “Rocky Top” on Saturdays in the fall.


“Football and fall is like the same word to us. You can’t have fall without football and you can’t have football without fall,” said Abe Brown. “We have food and snacks, we know where the football parties will be. We’ve always grown up having fun with football.”

Around Neyland Stadium, which holds every bit of 102,455 fans, there are so many places to meet up with friends and family, it feels like the UT is one giant tailgate.

Yes, there have even been weddings at the pre-game parties. The family keeps growing…

Watch Fans Make Tailgating A Family Affair At UT:

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