Scalpers Are A Big Deal And Sturgill Simpson Is Ready To Fight Them

Scalpers have been plaguing the entertainment industry for over a decade.

Scalpers have been plaguing the entertainment industry for over a decade. A scalper is someone who purchases large quantities of goods such as concert or show tickets early with the sole intention of re-selling them at a higher price at a later date usually at the time of the event.

What this ends up doing is creating a problem where if the agent is willing to take a loss on some of his inventory, he can deliberately mark-up the value out of reach of the average buyer. That results in higher prices for all and a less-than-full venue because not everyone could afford the higher price. That’s break-even or better for the scalper, but a losing proposition for the customer base and the venue (especially if the venue has onsite revenue enhancement, like drinks).

So what’s wrong with the practice is that they buy multiple tickets that they don’t intend to use (taking the opportunity away from those who took the time to go there hoping for a seat), and then resell them at a RIDICULOUS price.

This will then leave the arena/stadium with empty seats which could’ve been potential customers of food vendors, merchandise vendors, attires and what not. You’re hurting the actual business as much as you’re hurting their fans.

All for a dollar.


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Written by MJ Trevens

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