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Matt Stillwell Is Taking His Passion For America And Music Back To St. Louis

The worlds of baseball and music may seem light years apart, but Stillwell, whose baseball background taught him discipline, hard work, dedication, and working for the good of a team, found the transition easier than he originally thought it would be.

In fact, the outside similarities – especially the life on the road living in a bus – were a lot closer than one would think.

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The transient life, the long hours, and his constant belief in himself paid off in 2008 when his debut single “Shine” put him in the spotlight.

But Stillwell never took his eyes off the ball. He continued to work relentlessly to bring his passion through every note he sings and to connect with anyone who hears him.

Onstage, Stillwell comes alive with a high-octane energy that exudes throughout his set, while his genuine demeanor touches everyone in attendance.

His next stop will be celebrating America’s independence back in the Gateway to the West at Fair St. Louis.

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“I think about my country as much as I do anybody,” Stillwell said of his patriotism. Stillwell also added he was “jacked up” to be performing on the Fourth of July and that “anything on (that day) especially in a city like (St. Louis) is really special.”

What should folks expect at the free show at Art Hill in Forest Park?

“I really like to have fun, and I take a lot of pride in helping other people to have a good time,” Stillwell said.

Nothing about this extraordinary ordinary guy is traditional, and he wouldn’t have it any other way.

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