Man Almost Killed Himself After Shooting A Refrigerator Full Of Explosives

Ask a mountain climber why they do it, why they tackle such seemingly impossible tasks, and they will give you one of two typical responses – because it’s there, and/or because I can. What they are trying to say is that they have no real need for personal safety, and want to prove a point to all that believe such behavior is foolish and/or dangerous (or both).

They Risk Their Lives For A Reason


The same thing can be said for people who do Jackass like stunts on social media. After watching Johnny Knoxville and the gang for decades, they’ve decided to ignore the plentiful warnings present at the top of each episode (or before the film credits roll) and engage in behavior that can best be described as foolish and/or dangerous (or both).

So Do They


In the case of the video included here, you will watch someone take their life (and the lives of others) into their own hands for the sake of a satisfying “BOOM!” Yes, we are talking explosives – in this case, a refrigerator filled with the volatile target material tannerite. Our brainiac decides to load an old ice box with the stuff, and just like the manufacturer’s warranty suggests, shoot at it with a rifle. Of course, our Mensa member stays a good distance back while attempting this stunt. Oddly enough, it really doesn’t matter.

But Shooting A Fridge Full Of This? Seriously?


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