Looking To Prank Your Kids This April Fools Day? Make Sure Your Pranks Don’t Backfire!

Remember that forgiveness may not be so easy for some people, so brace yourself for revenge.

The best April Fools’ Day pranks are cheap or free. They also can be simple! Silly harmless pranks like putting tape over the optical sensor of someone’s mouse in your office are inexpensive and easy. Even the classic prank of finding a sleeping person, filling their hand with shaving cream, and then tickling their nose is a simple, cheap prank your kids might try…

There’s no harm in joking around with your friends and family, just remember that forgiveness may not be so easy for some people, and brace yourself for revenge. While pranks at the office and with your friends are great, remember to be especially on the lookout at home. Being a dad isn’t always easy, and with April 1st just around the corner, you know these pranksters have some plans up their sleeves to get you good.

The truth is, pranks are harmless if they don’t incite embarrassment or bullying, and be very wary that they can backfire at any moment!

For example, definitely do NOT try this prank.. It just might backfire!

Dad Prank Goes Wrong, Gets Instant Karma

Dad prank goes wrong. (By Father/Son DUO & ChoozeOne Films)

9GAG 发布于 2017年3月30日

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