Looking For A Little Inspiration? Watch This TEDx Talk ‘Life Can Be Tough. Music Can Help’

Do you think music is essential to the human condition?

Did you know there’s evidence that music has existed in every culture throughout history? Some say this is proof that music is essential to helping humans survive. So what is it about music that makes it possible for our species to continue? This Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling Sony Music recording artist with an impressive background in psychology is here to tell you.

Meet Cam


Since she’s a Nashville native, music is inherently a HUGE part of who she is. She continues to find success after the release of her second studio album, Untamed, which was released back in December 2015. A song from that album, “Burning House” has since received widespread acclaim and now she’s here to go beyond making music and instead attempt to understand its power.

Initially TEDx’s event coordinator, Dr. Bret Simmons, reached out to the country superstar to appear as a performer. After learning she worked in psychology labs at both Stanford and Berkeley, he invited her to instead take the stage to speak on her firsthand knowledge of the power music has on the human condition.

Cam Was Thrilled To Participate

GUESS WHO'S GIVING A TED TALK???? 💛👊🏻✨ Jan 21st, 2017 – TEDx University of Nevada

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“Are you getting the most you can out of music? I really want to remind you that music is not just the background at a shopping mall, it’s not just weekend entertainment. It’s a tool that our species developed to help us heal ourselves and soothe our souls. Music carries the burden of our heartbreak. It allows us to process grief. It reminds us that good things are coming and it lets us know that we are not struggling alone. So let music do its job. Life can be tough, Music can help.”

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