Nobody Is Safe In Kevin Fowler’s New Video For The Hit ‘Sellout Song’

Remember the good ol days of country music that included Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline? Kevin Fowler does. The industry has changed whether people want to believe it or not. Florida Georgia Line collaborated with hip hip artist Nelly for their hit single, “Cruise.” Is that considered country? It must be because it won a ton of country music awards.

In Fowler’s hit song “Sellout Song,” he pokes fun what’s going on in the country world. The video features plenty of good looking women and bling in a hilarious send-up of the direction country has taken over the course of the past few years.

“It’s a selllout, sellout song / So catchy even haters sing along / Put your hands up in the air / The lyrics suck, hey, no one really cares,” he sings.

The track features Zane Williams, and has been played frequently on SiriusXM’s The Highway. People are acceptive the song and agree with Fowler about the way country music is changing.

Agree Or Disagree?



In an interview with Billboard, Fowler wanted people to know that he “is not making fun of artists.”

“I’ve been that artist,” he added in the interview. “It’s more just poking fun at the industry, and how it puts pressure on the artists to conform and do whatever’s trendy for the day.”

“Sellout Song” is previewed music from an upcoming album that he is working on. The last one he released was How Country Are Ya? back in 2014, which hit #1 on the Texas Music Charts back in June 2015, according to Billboard. 

Do you think he took it too far or is he correct? Which artists do you think Fowler is taking a shot at?

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