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Keith Urban Revealed ‘The Fighter’ Is Based On His First Dates With Nicole Kidman

She’s his biggest muse!

While many of you might know Keith Urban’s latest song to climb the charts with country music princess Carrie Underwood is called “The Fighter.” What you might not know is who the muse was for the beautiful, touching duet. When it was released last May, the music video showed Keith and his wife, Nicole Kidman, singing along to the album track in the car.

Out of context, it seems like a familiar and very appropriate scenario for a scene in a music video. Now we know that the couple was actually “re-creating” their personal history when they first fell in love. Last Friday, Urban shared personal memories from their first few days together, back in 2005. A lot of those moments ended up becoming the inspiration behind the song.

“It was a very quick song to write because I literally just thought about Nic and I, and our relationship at the beginning and some of the things that we’d said,” Urban, 48, revealed. “And they all went into that song.”

Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Back In The Day

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Nicole paid tribute to her husband by posting this throwback picture of their first date on their 10th anniversary this last summer. “Throwback to 11 years ago, our first date. Happy 10-year Wedding Anniversary, wow! Love you more and more baby…”