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Is Justin Fields The Next Dual-Sport Superstar? Find Out What The Experts Say

So what will it take to get him to exchange the pigskin for the diamond? A lot of money next summer when the MLB Amateur Draft rolls around or wait until later in his collegiate career. Either way, one American League scout says Fields is a “high-risk, high-reward to an [organization] that is willing to wait it out.”

The scout estimated that such an offer could be north of $1 million, while others have said it could go as high at $2 million, but there’s a caveat: Fields would have to play ball at some point because the focus on football has taken its toll on Fields as a baseball player.

But He’s Still Able To Do This:


As far as football is concerned, there’s a clear reason why he was offered by more than a dozen major programs and was given the five-star rating.

These Are His Midseason Highlights This Year:

Those highlights are also a reason why it’s so hard for him to turn his attention away from football, no matter how badly MLB pundits want him to.

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