Jimmy Fallon’s #MyWeirdDentist Tweets Will Have You Cracking Up

The Tonight Show fans are here to share their stories and laugh along with you at their pain.

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist. It’s an often traumatic, awkward although necessary part of being a human. If you’ve ever gone through having braces, had wisdom teeth removed or had a cavity filled, you know the anxiety that comes with just a regular cleaning visit.

The numbness after Novocain often makes you drool and feel useless for the next 24 hours as you down a pint of Ben and Jerry’s to help make the pain (and your mood) better. It’s all around an awful personal experience when it comes to dental work, even if it’s just a cleaning. To get to the roof of your mouth, you have to sit in a way that gravity isn’t fond of, while a stranger pokes around your mouth with hoses and sharp tools.

God forbid your dentist has some socially awkward tendencies to make the experience even more excruciating! There’s nothing worse than dentists who ask you questions about your life when their hands are literally inside of your mouth, or continue to insist you open up wider even though you physically just can’t!

Awkward dental visits isn’t just exclusive to you if you’ve had one, in fact it seems like there’s a large percentage of people who often do have weird experiences with their dental hygienist… and Jimmy Fallon’s fans are here to share their stories and laugh along with you at their pain.

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Written by MJ Trevens

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