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Instruments Made Of Ice? You Won’t Believe How Majestic They Sound

People make all kinds of things out of ice… but instruments?? You have to hear this!

The beauty of artists having different tastes and styles shines through in an extraordinary way when it comes to the latest hybrid art form: Ice sculpture instruments! Many artists who sculpt for a living do so with the idea that the piece will live a life longer than the artist, but Tim Linhart is thinking a little differently with his material of choice.

Linhart is the artistic genius behind Ice Music, a new hybrid art form in which musicians play instruments made of ice. Each one of his pieces are hand-crafted in Lulea, Sweden, which isn’t far from the Arctic Circle. Since the climate is typically far below freezing most of the time, Linhart has had unlimited opportunity to play with both the abundance of ice and his love of creating sounds!

He’s known to work outdoors, wearing only rubber dish-washing gloves (or just barehanded) while he carves violins, violas, cellos, contrabasses, banjos, mandolins, xylophones, drum kits, organs and instruments of his own invention.

All Of His Instruments Are Made From Ice And Snow!

Not only are the instruments visually stunning, the sounds they produce will take your breath away. To go even further above and beyond, he incorporated gorgeous LED color lights into his pieces. This final touch transforms the concert into a spiritual experience, not just a musical one.

Click ahead to see and hear the instruments in action!


Written by MJ Trevens

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