Indonesian Government Invests Just 30K To Paint 232 Slum Houses, And Result Is Gorgeous

The town received a dazzling makeover that completely transformed the town.

It’s amazing what just the price of a semester at an American college could change for a small town in a former run-down slum in Central Java, Indonesia. The town received a dazzling makeover that completely transformed the town. When junior high school principal Slamet Widodo, 52, saw the need to improve his community, he began proposing the painting of all 390 houses in Kampung Pelangi in bright colors.

The government then alotted over $22k towards the initiative to allow the transformation to begin. Before he knew it, 232 homes in the area have now been adorned with art. The project encourages “the active involvement of citizens in the improvement of their home,” says Prihadi. Not only did they fill the town with art, but they also asked residents to undertake the cleaning of the nearby river.

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1. Creativity Wins

Kampung Pelangi follows the example of at least 3 other former slums, including the famous Jodipan Village.

2. From Slums To Breathtaking Beauty

Since beautifying their village, Kampung Pelangi has seen a sudden increase in international tourism.

3. The Town Now Attracts Tourism, And Luckily There’s plenty Of Spots To Take Selfies

It’s no surprise why – these rainbow streets are gold for Instagram photos, and #kampungpelangi is blowing up

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