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If You’re A Proud American, You Definitely Know These Songs

We are all proud to be from a country that puts our freedoms first.

We’re living in a time where the nation might feel divided… but one thing we definitely have all have in common is our pride to be American. We are all proud to be from a country that puts our freedoms first.

One of our favorite pastimes to celebrate our love for America is to use our voice… our singing voice that is! Check out the undisputed top songs of American pride:

1. ‘Coming to America’ by Neil Diamond

 Home/ To a new and a shiny place/ Make our bed and we’ll say our grace/ Freedom’s light burning warm.

2. ‘America’ by Simon Garfunkel

Counting the cars/ On the New Jersey Turnpike/ The’ve all come/ To look for America.

3. ‘Chicken Fried’ by Zac Brown Band

I thank god for my life/ And for the stars and stripes/ May freedom forever fly, let it ring/ Salute the ones who died/ The ones that give their lives/ So we don’t have to sacrifice/All the things we love.

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Written by MJ Trevens

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