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How To Lose Holiday Weight Without Having To Cut Out Beer

If this guy can do it, so can you!

As the Spring time starts to heat things up, you’ve likely been reminded that your holiday weight has got to go and it’s time to get ready for beach outings this summer! Sometimes the trouble starts in the same place for us all… your 20’s.┬áBrandon Nutting, 33, had this experience while he was coasting through his 20’s drinking excessively and binge eating.

It wasn’t until he had a life-changing realization that he made getting healthy his #1 priority.

“I kept my fat clothes for three years because you could easily slide back to that,” he says. “But I had to buy all new clothes. Willpower is something you have to develop.”

1. How He Started Out Slender

When he was in junior high, he clocked in at 185 lbs, which was healthy for being 6’2.

“I wasn’t very active, but I was in the marching band and during marching season I would get thinner,” he says. Basically, once you abandon your high school habits behind, shedding weight gets a lot harder.


Written by MJ Trevens

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