Girl Scout Troop Leader Disappears With About $15,000 Worth Of Cookies!

While Girl Scout cookies have a habit of disappearing quickly, this situation is slightly more suspicious.

Bartley says investigators are having trouble putting together the crumbs in this particularly messy case when they told the local press:

“The case was a little confusing because she may have picked up cookies for other groups. The ones that she did pick up, at least for her own troop, were never sold by the troop. She picked up the cookies and never took them to them, so we don’t know what she did with them.”

Apparently Vick has multiple addresses, and now both her and the cookies could be anywhere.


“It looks like she picked up the cookies and, now, she and the cookies have disappeared.” the attorney said.

Authorities say people should be on the lookout for a woman looking blissfully content and buying massive amounts of milk. Ha!


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Written by MJ Trevens

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