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Elephant Thinks Man Is Drowning, Rushes Into River To Save Him

Elephants are believed to be one of the most intelligent creatures on earth. From their ability to use tools, to their capacity to mourn, to their extraordinary memories, elephants continue to impress the science world.

It has also been well studied just how deep elephants’ emotions and empathetic abilities run. They are capable of understanding human’s body language and are able to interpret emotional distress in both animals and humans.

Kham Lha, an elephant who lives on the Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Northern Thailand, exemplifies these qualities. On a recent swimming outing, Kham Le was standing at the water’s edge with a few of her pachyderm pals when suddenly a volunteer named Darrick floated by.

Thinking he was in danger, Kham Le rushed into the water to rescue him. As she swam closer and closer to him, once she reached him, she wrapped her trunk around him to protect him.

What an amazing act of bravery on her part! Did you know elephants were capable of such compassionate acts? Read on for more impressive elephant facts and to see the incredible rescue clip.

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