A Defiant Duck Hunter Braves Some Thin Ice, And Pays The Price

You’ve heard the phrase and you know what it means. In fact, there are a couple of ways of looking at it. One is obvious – BE CAREFUL. You can never tell when the ground under you can collapse and give way, which is just another way of saying “stuff” happens and it probably will when you least expect it. Another is equally cautionary, but plays more on the unknown and not the what will be.

They Put Up Warning Signs For A Reason


Safety First


Another way of looking at the statement “walking on thin ice” is figurative. Frozen water can hold hundreds, or even thousands, of pounds. People spend their entire winter in a hut perched somewhere in the middle of a Great Lake, the better to experience the depths of the cold while you ice fish. But once the thaw comes, thin ice is an issue. One crack and it’s splashdown.

Sometimes, The Ice Is Too Far Gone


One duck hunter understands this all too well. In a video included here, you can watch as he worries over making his way across a less than solid pond. It’s not necessarily proof of the Darwin Awards, but it’s close. As he crawls toward the person with the camera, the suspense ramps up. Before you know it, you’re wondering “will he or won’t he”…go falling into the drink, that is.

Duck Hunters Face This Issue All The Time


This Time, Things Didn’t Turn Out So Well


Does He Fall Through The Ice? Continue On To Find Out