Dad Uses His Twin Girls To Scare The Daylights Out Of People In Hotels And It’s Hilarious

Looking vaguely like the original Grady twins, it’s safe to say people totally freaked out

Being a single dad is no easy feat, but imagine parenting twin girls all on your own? Things might get a little overwhelming, but if you have the will, determination, love and a very good sense of humor, you will survive!

Just ask this guy! Martin Hughes got a little creative when he was on vacation with his girls, and when you’re traveling with young kids, sometimes you do funny stuff to keep them entertained. This British man’s idea of a hilarious activity for his twins? Dress up like the girls from The Shining and scare the living crap out of the other hotel guests!

To get as close to Stanley Kubrick’s iconic 1980 horror film The Shining, he’s taught them to hold hands and stand still in the hallways of London hotels. Looking vaguely like the original Grady twins… people completely freaked out upon seeing them.

Oooh…Pretty Spooky


He even taught them how to react when people are coming by inviting them to “come play with us.” So creepy!! Hughes claims that doing this “makes the grief of having twins worthwhile.”

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Written by MJ Trevens

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